Water Wars Part…We’ve Lost Count: Florida To Sue GA

And they’ll likely lose but hey, Florida Governor Rick Scott has an election on his hands and he needs to keep the people in the Republican-rich panhandle happy.  From the AP:

APALACHICOLA, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Rick Scott disclosed Tuesday that his state is going to sue the state of Georgia, saying its increased consumption of water is limiting flows to the Apalachicola River.

Scott said in a statement that Florida must take such drastic action because it has been unable to negotiate a settlement in recent decades on how to allocate water between Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Florida’s step is an escalation in years of litigation.

“This lawsuit will be targeted toward one thing — fighting for the future of Apalachicola,” Scott said. “This is a bold, historic legal action for our state. But this is our only way forward after 20 years of failed negotiations with Georgia. We must fight for the people of this region. The economic future of Apalachicola Bay and Northwest Florida is at stake.”

One thing?  I have another.  Perhaps this is Scott’s way of distracting people from Florida from being Florida.  After all, it is the only state with its own Fark.com tag.  Also, Governor, the students and fans of your “flagship” university wear jean shorts.


  1. Native Gwinnettian says:

    I’m sure everybody has Water Wars fatigue, but this is a really big deal. This goes straight to the Supreme Court and has the potential to be the final decision in 20+ years of suits and countersuits.

  2. xdog says:

    Jorts, yes, and other unfortunate fashion choices but I’d still trade rate Apalachicola Bay seafood over another Atlanta strip mall or office park.

  3. Charlie says:

    From the Governor (ours, not the king of the jort wearers):

    Deal: Return to table, not to court

    August 13, 2013

    After Florida Gov. Rick Scott said today that his state will sue Georgia in the U.S. Supreme Court over water use, Gov. Nathan Deal called the move a frivolous waste of time and money when Georgia has waited more than a year for Florida to respond to its latest settlement proposal.

    “Gov. Scott’s threat to sue my state in the U.S. Supreme Court greatly disappoints me after I negotiated in good faith for two years,” Deal said. “More than a year ago, I offered a framework for a comprehensive agreement. Florida never responded. It’s absurd to waste taxpayers’ money and prolong this process with a court battle when I’ve proposed a workable solution. Georgia has made significant progress on water conservation and has proposed an agreement that would meet the needs of both states. While the timing seems to work for political purposes, it’s ironic this comes at a time when Florida and Georgia are experiencing historically high rainfall. The fastest and best resolution is an agreement, not a lawsuit going into an election year. On the flip side, the merits of Georgia’s arguments have consistently prevailed in federal court, and a victory in the U.S. Supreme Court would decide this issue in Georgia’s favor once and for all.”

    H/T to @ajcpolitics

  4. MattMD says:

    UF is a better school than UGA according to all the ranking systems I’ve read.

    Tech should be the flagship school considering it dusts UGA in the rankings as well.

  5. Three Jack says:

    Being a huge fan of Apalach and SGI, it would be nice to see these clowns actually get around to resolving this issue instead of more rhetoric and legal action.

    There have been many studies performed with most concluding that the recent drought had more impact on oyster harvests than water flow from GA. Call Perdueless, tell him to put on that ugly green suit and start praying for consistent rain in the panhandle area…problem solved.

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