Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Other than the Berlin Wall erection “date” (above), today is literally the least significant date in history. Check it out.  Below, Your Morning Reads! 


  • Cagle and Ralston voice tepid support for earlier election date to dial down the crazy (AJC)
  • They want a candidate who is less “Gary Busey” and more “Patrick Swayze”
  • For public school teachers, Yarbough gets all kinds of praise-y (NeighborNewspapers)
  • but fears legislators write bills “for whoever pays me!”
  • Senate race concerns make many long for a dictator (AmericanThinker)
  • I’ll revisit this with a longer post, later,
  • Dubose Porter gets politifacted on HOPE (AJC)
  • and as usual politifact hangs itself with its own trope,
  • Georgia Chamber tries its immigration message on Congress (HispanicBusiness)
  • after striking out locally because their views smacked of progress.


Not Georgia!

  • America’s dangerous and expensive health care system (Washington Monthly)
  • Overprice or Underprice Real Estate ? Where should home sellers list them? (WSJ)
  • Some innovations spread fast. How do you speed the ones that haven’t yet? (New Yorker)
  • State Tax Cuts: Is Arthur Laffer All Wet? (PBS)
  • Why Modern Television Programming is so good (Morning News)
  • Screenwriting for modern day Hollywood (Vulture)
  • The push for the annotated web, your thoughts welcome below (Nieman Lab)
  • Amazon’s puzzling new art venture (Reuters)
  • Your Flight’s Delayed! Consider it an adventure (Slate)
  • Perhaps the true state secret is that spies are inept  (BBC)
  • Which Conservative economic arguments do we still accept  (Noahpinion)



  1. “legislators write bills “for whoever pays me!””

    I thought whoever was paying typically just handed the legislator an already written bill… has something changed?

    • Stefan says:

      Honestly, the system you suggest might improve legislative drafting. There is model legislation, clearly, and the best ideas are often copied wholesale from other states, but, sadly, most of the bills are drafted by the legislator his or herself, with assistance from counsel.

    • Ellynn says:

      ALEC has been busy the past few weeks orginizing it’s 40 birthday party in Chicago. 😉

      (That was written with a satire font…)

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