Survey on Affordable Care Act

obamacare_regsThe Gwinnett GOP is running a survey on people’s opinions of the Affordable Care Act and the upcoming Continuing Resolution.

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  1. Corvid says:

    I just got my letter from my private insurer to tell me that my insurance plan will no longer be available after Dec 31 due to ObamaCare.

    I guess I can’t keep the affordable plan I have and can afford…

    Now the taxpayers will bail me out due to the much higher insurance premiums.

    Obama lied and my insurance policy died.

          • John Konop says:

            ……..Also under Obamacare, insurance companies are required to take customers with pre-existing health problems and to provide certain services mandated either by the law itself or by regulations issued under the law by the Obama administration–thus driving up the insurance companies’ costs – See more at:…..

            Let’s keep the debate real……..Should we just let people with pre-existing conditions die if they cannot afford healthcare and get sick?

            • seenbetrdayz says:

              You’re gonna think this is really cold-hearted but I think you miss the point of insurance.

              It is supposed to protect you against the unforeseen events in life. It doesn’t protect you against problems that already exist.

              You don’t total a car and then go find an insurance company to fix it. They’d laugh you right out of the office. That’s not how insurance works. Sorry, but it’s been that way for hundreds of years.

              • John Konop says:

                If you get in an accident your insurance does not go up if it is not your fault….In fact we require people to have car insurance to make sure they do not take away your rights by hitting you with no coverage. In fact I was hit by an uninsured motorist who paid me via part of his deal with the court…..

                As far as healthcare, if someone is a chain smoker and gets lung cancer we should have different rules via coverage…….As I have said numerous times the lack of behavior based system does drive the cost up…..

                I find it rather bizarre, that many in the pro life crowd would say let me die if I got cancer and did not have the money……yet they scream about unborn babies……Help me understand how this is consistent?

                • seenbetrdayz says:

                  Try to set aside your emotionally-generated mindset for a moment and tell me how long you think the concept of insurance will last when people realize that they can get sick, find an insurance company to cover the costs of treatment (after the fact), and then turn around and cancel their payments to the insurance company when they are no longer using it?

                  Again, you don’t take an already-banged-up car to a new insurance agent and tell them to fix it. There has to be an element of risk of potential problems involved, or else what you’re doing is telling the insurance company to take on a problem that is already going to be a loss on their ledger. It’s no mystery as to why they’d reject you.

                  I have no doubts that you want to care for the sick, John, but what you are suggesting is going to be unsustainable when people find out the loopholes. Emotionally you’re on the right track. Logically and fiscally speaking, however, you’re dreaming.

                  • John Konop says:

                    Your solution is let people die who do not have the money for healthcare? I am not being emotional just keeping it real….if the above is your solution than you really are not pro life…….please stop all the lectures…….at the end we all get the punch line……

                    I have proposed many solutions in the past on this blog combining cost savings, behavior based charging,……..What is your solution other than just letting people die?

                    • seenbetrdayz says:

                      You have good ideas john. Some are already in effect. Such as higher premiums for smokers, which you apparently don’t think exist. I also think that healthcare plans should be more customizable so that you won’t run into problems if you have a particular condition insurance companies don’t want to cover, at least you could get coverage for other things.

                      I’m telling you how insurance has worked at least since the days which ships sailed the Caribbean and needed coverage against piracy. You can get uptight if you want to, but no business in their right mind is gonna pay to cover the loss of a ship after it has been sunk by pirates. Likewise, an insurance company is going to be very reluctant to cover someone who already has liver cancer.

                      You’re the one talking about ‘letting people die.’ You’ve just accused most of the people in this debate of resorting to ‘talking points’ and yet your punch line is, ‘so you just wanna let people die—yay I just won teh internets.’ Look in a mirror, pal.

                    • John Konop says:

                      I am lost if a person gets cancer and does not have health insurance who would pay for it? You realize in many cases ( 99 percent of the time) most people without health insurance, medicare……could not afford the treatment?

                      As far as the insurance model it does work if it was structured correctly…..I know little about since I have been in the risk business since the late 80’s……

                      The current insurance model has about 20 percent baked in for profit, than you have administrative cost, accusition cost and catastrophe insurance.

                      The fixed cost of services and products ie medicine, procedures……can be lowered by 2 elements bulk buying ie like the VA paying 60 percent less for medicine…..or behavior ie preventive medicine, risk based pricing incentives……..

                      If we all had a policy that only paid for catastrophic, had bulk buying, proper incentives, allowed roll over savings of unused premiums and administrative cost…..this would save at least 50 percent of the cost of healthcare over time on a macro……and with that savings you could have preexisting conditions covered……as long as we had reasonable end of life coverage….

                      I have a similar policy as the above now…….the problem is the above type policy still needs tweaking…..and I am tied to my company and ability to work to maintain it……Also policies like this have only been offered recently on a macro…..The above model works well over time…..It does not work as well for late entry via your lifetime of work…..

  2. John Konop says:

    About a month ago I was told I had around a 50 percent chance of having cancer……obviously it was rather sobering way to start my day…… Being 51 married with 2 kids, not much time for feeling sorry for myself, focus was clearly on how do I protect the family…..

    The thoughts racing through my head if I could not work how could I even get health insurance via my pre existing condition? How much would it cost if I was dropped from my current provider? If I had no insurance is it fair to my family for me to wipe us out if I did not have a very good chance of survival, and could work again? I could go on and on……….

    I know many of you scream free market……..Healthcare is about life……that life could be you, family, friends……..In business you win you some and loose some…..not the same as above…..

    About a week ago I went to a specialist who told me it was a mix up…….At first I was very thankful ….then it hit me that this was a wake up call for my life and to share with other people….

    What I am trying to say is this issue is way more complicated than the talking points…..While Obamcare is far from perfect, right now if we do not do something about the above issues we are just using a lottery system for you, family, friends……life!

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    He gave out exemptions to his friends………………..and we know he likes to punish his enemies……………….might want to make a campaign donation to ensure health service is provided.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Aetna pulls out – not exactly: “Aetna, a fortune 100 company with $34.2 billion in revenue, has pulled out of the government-run exchanges in three states.”

    If accepting pre-existing conditions is a universal mandate, then what conditions in GA caused them to pull out ?

    To write an economically sustainable insurance program there has to be a basic minimum coverage level and to include transferability there has to be a personal mandate.

    Absent a personal mandate under a national healthcare program we must allow health care providers the right of refusal for services beyond emergency stabilizing or it is a financial train wreck. Those uninsured or non-compliant must be directed to charities and charity hospitals.

    To straddle the differences or work with exceptions/exclusions for a personal mandate while requiring health care for the uninsured is fiscally insane.

    Republicans should demand a personal mandate, set minimum standards for policies including transferability, privatize the coverages (the profits will be far less than the loss with the mismanaged, fraud & bloated bureaucracies coming) and find ways to support charity hospitals.

    Even then debate over inclusions and exclusions in a basic policy will be tough.

    • Ellynn says:

      Until 2011, members of my family with Cystic Fibrosis were not allowed coverage by insurance comapanies based on a pre-existing conditions. My cousin was willing to pay for a policy without any CF coverage, just a basic trama and accident policy. Money was not an issue, but no one would even underwrite a policy. Most of the major cost of Cystic Fibrosis at that time was covered by charity based giving within the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Charitible hospitals do not start to cover an item until you are beyond broke. SO in a 12 year time period prior to 2011, my cousin and his wife covered 2 broken legs, a broken arm, a trip to the emergancy rrom after a car accident, a dislocated finger, strep thoats and a number of normal basic childhood shots and emergancies that have nothing to do with having Cystic Fibrosis. All paid for out of their pocket. As of 2011, they now have insurance on them. It’s expensive, but still beats the cost of having to pay for a major trama if it happens.

      • saltycracker says:

        Childhood emergencies= children’s hospital

        Don’t see much agreement that everyone needs to have skin in the game via personal mandate or for the beyond broke some all or partial govt paid policy. All sides want free passes for something and no legislator or union wants the Cadillac hit. The end around to raising taxes for a financial disaster is increased public debt.

  5. saltycracker says:

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  6. benevolus says:

    Aetna has offered my company a comparable plan for 30% LESS than United Healthcare offered to renew.
    BCBS also offered a similar rate, but the Aetna plan is a little better looking for us.

    Something is pushing rates down- for the first time in a LONG time.

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