Peach Pundit Fantasy Football 2013

Fantasy TrophiesFootball season is almost upon us which means it’s time for another season of Peach Pundit Fantasy Football.

GOPlayers is our two-time defending champion and holder of the prestigious Peach Pundit Fantasy Football Trophy (seen on your left). Invitations have been sent via email to last years teams but I have expanded the size of the league to let new teams in. Assuming all teams return from last year we’ll have 12 spots available, so join now. Should other spots open up we’ll let you know.

We’ll look to have our draft next weekend.

UPDATE: There doesn’t seem to be a way for you to join on your own. So, to join the League email me at buzzbrockway -at- and I’ll send you an email invitation to join the league.

Thanks and enjoy!


  1. Rick Day says:

    eerie, I was just coming here to see when the real fantasy football league would emerge and here you are.

    Although I won last seasons ‘pick winners’ league, this is the first time for me on fantasy football for big boys.

    Looking Forward.

    PS thanks for the ‘notify by email’ option. Been sorely lacking on my end.

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