Morning Reads for Thursday August, 8th, 2013


Above, today in History, the Battle of Amiens. After the jump, the Morning Reads filling in for Jessica, and in her style…

Jimmy Carter (places where he’d be useful)

Six suspect Al-Qaeda militants are killed in a drone strike in Southern Yemen. (Reuters)
Yemen authorities foil an Al-Qaeda plot to blow up the oil pipelines and seize some of the country’s main ports. (BBC),

Four Israeli soldiers are wounded by a landmine near the Lebanese border. (Al Jazeera)

President Obama affirms that the US will attend the upcoming G-20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, despite differences with the Russian government and the cancellation of bilateral talks between Obama and President Putin. (BBC)

A large fire breaks out at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. (BBC)

Unsweet Tea (not half as good as regular tea)

Jack Hill teaching legislative lessons (ForestBlade)

Just because something seems like a good idea at first glance, doesn’t mean it is. Enter the FairTax as a ballot initiative. It’s ok, we’ll give people one sentence and six seconds to decide. (SaportaReport)

And someone decided to have a Running with the Bulls here in Georgia. Shouldn’t we tax this to pay for a trauma network? No? (Clatl)

Liberty Drum

An API for Georgia General Assembly (FarmDogNation)

Belugas denied entry into Georgia (NOAA)

Superior Court Judges don’t want to be recorded, even by the group that’s supposed to investigate them. (DailyReport)

Chief Noc-a-Homa Drum (in retrospect, I think we can agree that the Chief wasn’t the best idea)

Braves win 13th straight. (TalkingChop)

Achilles FC defeat Hotlanta Blaze 2-0 to improve to 5th in the division. There’s no link to this because it is about my recreational soccer team. Deal with it.

Perhaps the most missed connection. (Craigslist)

And your 9:45 AM polling update, according to PPP: Among Georgia Republicans, Paula Deen has a 73/11 favorability rating; Martin Luther King Jr. gets a 59/28



  1. xdog says:

    Nice fill-in job, Stefan.

    I couldn’t get your bull-running link to open but found another site that promises a quarter-mile course followed by an all-day celebration and capped with a Tomato Royale food fight. I wonder what their premiums cost.

  2. Noway says:

    The Chief was fine! Kids loved him. Heck everyone loved him! Obviously couldn’t be done today with the Thought and Speech Police. Shame.

      • Stefan says:

        My least favorite Braves mascot was the dude who wore a Braves uniform but had a giant “Brave” face. edit: Apparently the current mascot is the same as it was then, but they replaced the giant logo face with a baseball. His or her name is Homer.

        • Three Jack says:

          Whenever the stadium used to remove the chief’s tent as football season approached, the Braves would inevitably go on a losing streak culminated by the 19 of 21 game winless run that almost knocked us out of the playoffs in 1982. Bring back Chief Noc-A-Homa and his sidekick Princess Win-A-Lotta!

  3. Jackster says:

    Tax “Reform” Shift – I think the legislature will find georgians will not have an appetite for this sort of push for a few reasons:

    1) Emphasis is still not where it needs to be: managing the money you have, and determining where there should be additional revenues / cuts. With Transportation, Education, Healthcare, and courts under served, you will still have those problems even if this passes.

    2) Budget shortfalls are often passed down to the counties / cities, which in turn must adjust their revenues. This usually comes through with SPLOST or property taxes. Either way, Georgians are taxed regardless of the tax structure of the state level. Passing the buck does not reduce the need.

    3) Everyone is a part of this society, whether you consume goods or not. I believe this sort of tax will further separate communities, and increase trade groups’ power in georgia. Which is to say, if you want more revenue, then pass this subsidy over here – you’ll thank us! Hello subsidized Lasik!

  4. Napoleon says:

    I am cursed with an inability to properly digest sweet tea (or at least when it is sweetened with sugar which is the only natural way for a Southerner to drink it) so I prefer an Arnold Palmer. Chick-fil-a will make it for you if you ask.

    • Stefan says:

      Arnold Palmers are my jam – with the occasional John Daly thrown in. I worked at a restaurant in college and one of my duties was making the sweet tea. I would put so much sugar in it that it was difficult to move the spoon. It was amazing. Best ever.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      “I am cursed with an inability to properly digest sweet tea”

      Me too. (To a certain extent at least.) But that doesn’t stop me from drinking it anyway.

  5. Noway says:

    Megyn Kelly at 9pm on Fox? Where does Hannity go? 10pm? Where does Greta go?
    I’ll bet Sean is furious!

  6. saltycracker says:

    Fair tax, Flat tax, income tax……buzz words all……just settle down and pick one so we can go to work on our legislators and revenue sources for the loopholes, exemptions, exceptions, employer paid, deductions, deferred payments, offshore transfers, payment methods (preferably cash), public assistance, credits, business expenses, rebates, tax free purchases and the really complex “fair to me” provisions…….

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Any body referring to eliminating the state income tax and raising the state sales tax as either a fair tax or a flat tax is either deceitful or an idiot.

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    “Winning the public over involves a strategy that, I think, would be akin to the strategy that we and other groups that worked on the charter school amendment [used],” said Virginia Galloway, president of Georgia chapter of Americans for Prosperity. “That is, getting out there in front of the people, making sure they understand the facts.”

    The misleading working of the charter school amendment, to name only the most recent example, was such that we should expect a referendum on the order of:

    “Referendum 1: Shall the State of Georgia fairly tax its citizens by eliminating the state income tax?

  8. Dave Bearse says:

    Eliminating the income tax and increasing the sales tax is a business / lobbyist dream.

    No more money spent on seeking special income exemptions.
    No need to coordinate with other industries or lobbyists to seek a reduced income tax rate.
    Full speed ahead on sales tax exemptions from a General Assembly with an increasingly well established record of handing out sales tax exemptions on lobbyist utterly the magic words “job”, without the General Assembly ever looking back.

  9. Dave Bearse says:

    No doubt we can expect Tea Party and AFP intellectuals to argue it’s fair because it cuts everyone’s taxes while being revenue neutral!

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