It’s Got to be the Hashbrowns!

Life is good. The Atlanta Braves are on a 13 game winning streak since opening a Waffle House at Turner Field.

Baseball players are a superstitious lot. Lucky gloves, lucky bats, pre-game rituals, spit here, scratch there, you name it. What part do the lucky waffles and hashbrowns play?

So what’s your team? #BravosWaffles or #BravosHashbrowns?


  1. pettifogger says:

    Getting a little nervous that we’re peaking too early. Let’s sweep the fish, slump briefly, and then start building momentum again.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Looks like some of you are mad that quiche isn’t on the menu. WH is a successful Georgia company that provides food at low prices for customers that choose to go there at any hour. A safe place too, where else has a customer shot a robber recently ? Don’t like it, don’t go.

    Love the edit feature

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