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Hey guys. The Powerball is north of $425 mill. Please don’t pick numbers 2, 7, 15, 33, 39, 41 and 20. Don’t wanna split the pot with any of you. 

“Thirteen” by Big Star.

Atlanta’s pint-sized terrors are heading back to school today. Thank god.

UPDATE!  via GriftDrift, Dave Weigel of Slate breaks down the GA Sen poll and says this of Michelle Nunn: “So far she’s good at dodging questions. That’s important!” Have that fit in to your MSM conspiracy narrative however you can.


  1. Lea Thrace says:

    Re: North Atlanta

    While I’m happy for them and their new building with all the new bells and whistles, I am incredibly disheartened. Within the SAME school district, there are schools where building have windows that are broken and busted and the teachers have to live with putting a piece of cardboard up. Leaking roofs and lights that dont work. All in the southern portions of the district. I can understand inequality happening in different districts based on different tax districts, but with in the SAME DISTRICT? Ridiculous!

      • Lea Thrace says:

        My understanding is that taxes flow to the district. Not to certain parts (rich or poor) of the district.

        And it still doesnt explain why simple maintenance isnt done in these other schools. I dont understand having the money to replace an entire school but not to fix up/maintain another. Does not compute with me!

        • Harry says:

          Do you think it’s a money problem, or just poor maintenance standards in poor schools? I’ll bet the money per pupil being spent in the schools is the same.

        • Ellynn says:

          It could have do with how the Esplost was written or passed. Example, in order to get people in area A to vote for a tax to build 6 schools, school so and so has to be built first.

          Esplost can only be used to build, upgrade or renovate only the schools or possible schools on the ballet. You can not use the Esplost to fund basic maintains. That has to come from another fund source. The source is mainly from your property tax collect.

          With in a maintance budget, you have items that have to be done prior to others. This would be your public health and lifesaefty concerns, program requirements linked to federal funds and so on… Example, a leaking roof will not be addressed before a kitchen coller that just went out. A busted out window will not out rank a broken smoke detector that is signaling the fire department every 20 mins. A dripping drinking fountain will not be fixed before making sure the janitor staff has the supplies to clean a football locker room. A broken elevator will out rank broken light fixture.

          The schools sytem cant move funds from a mandated state or federal program. The majority of you property taxes goes to paying the teachers and staff. If a system is laying off staff and forcing furloughs, in all likely hood they already cut non accidenmetic departments to the bone (except football, that only gets a cut to the first layer of muscle in most systems). The school can either raise your property taxes, or find grant and private sources to funding to run the system. Voted Esplost can not be used for anything besides what it was written in the Esplost ballet.

          What will be interesting to see is what the school looks like in 2-3 years when basic maintaince issues start to occur.

    • KingRichard says:

      The New York Obama Times has a nice article on it after we get labeled for being quote “…in the Deep South, where the median cost of a new high school is $38.5 million, it might as well be the Taj Mahal. As a result, some in this antigovernment, tax-sensitive part of the country are grumbling, especially since the project was $50 million over its original budget.” How dare we be suspicious of Government…

      As a proud graduate of Northside High School in 1987 the demographics have not changed at all.

      I think it was a good use of land and buildings we will forever need new schools to replace old ones. They will always be expensive, they will always run over budget such is the way of Government programs. Now where do I get to vote to remove the Department of Education???

  2. Ellynn says:

    The second Saturday after I got my drivers license, my dad want to know if I wanted to drive him and his buddies up to Kaukauna. I was the DD, and for my troubles my dad was willing to let me drive his car to a concert in Alpine Valley the following month I was begging to see. I agreed as long as my brother sat in the way far back seat of my mothers station wagon. Dick Trickle won, and after the race my dadand his pals got an autograph. I then drove 5 very drunk mid 40 year olds and an annoying 13 year old back home.

    My father passed away two weeks before Mr. Trickle. My father loved short track races. He would go about 4 times a year to the Stoughton and Kaukanna tracks.

    Thanks for the link and the good memories Ed.

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