There’s A Race Developing In House District 54

It’s been called to my attention that I left off the name of Angelic Moore in the first draft of this story.  It was written at 2am between legs of two very long road trips and was an inadvertent omission.  My apologies to Ms. Moore. – CBH


There are 180 House districts in Georgia (and 56 Senate districts for those keeping score at home).  We can’t cover each equally and despite the pleas from candidates and supporters from each that yours is “the most important election ever” we still will use our time and space judiciously here to try to highlight those that strike us as interesting in some way or another.  And what’s the best way for us to gauge interest?  Why money, of course.

I’ve met Angelic Moore, one of the current candidates for Georgia’s House district 54 – Ed Lindsey’s current seat – as she attended our last Peach Pundit (non-BBQ) road show.  She’s well known around the inside baseball crowd and her last fundraising email in late June included host’s such as Senate Rules Chair Jeff Mullis, Insider Advantage’s Matt Towery, along with Senators Butch Miller, Mike Dugan, Steve Gooch, Jack Murphy, Jesse Stone, Ross Tolleson, and John Wilkinson.  Reps Brett Harrell and Don Parsons were thrown in for good measure.

As of her June financial disclosure, she reported $26,431 cash contributions plus an additional $3,036.80 in kind contributions.  Not a bad start.

And yet, she’s not the financial front runner for a job that pays a bit over $17,000 per year.  That title – at least for the moment, belongs to candidate John McCloskey.  McCloskey, a Buckhead resident and corporate attorney, raised $85,275 in cash, another $3,316.72 in kind, and dropped in a bit over $50K additional funds from his own pocket for good measure.  Seems like we have a race on our hands.

Still, there appears to be at least one more ready to join in this fun.  Rumors of a couple of additional candidates are circulating, but it appears one more is finalizing her decision and nearing an announcement.  GOP insider and Buckhead businesswoman Loretta Lepore is said to be nearing an announcement that may come as early as this week.  Lepore’s fundraising background and PR client list will easily add her into contention should she pull the trigger as expected.

This district, after all, represents the “Republican” part of Buckhead – where old money in Atlanta goes to die.  A lot of that money is likely to find its way into this house race.  And as such, it is one that we will follow.  Join us if you will.


    • Lea Thrace says:

      I kept reading the post over and over trying to figure out who Charlie was referring to. I thought my comprehension skills were failing me. 😀 Finally had to open the disclosure report link to get the name.

  1. Herb says:

    Metro Atlanta House seat up for grabs. Is there a Democrat running here? If not, one needs to step up. We may finally get our chance with this one. It’s taken long enough, but those final hold-outs are finally going our way.

  2. northside101 says:

    Romney beat Obama in this district by about a 3-2 margin (58% to 41%), and the district (under its current configuration) averaged 60% Republican in the 2010 statewide contests (66% for Isakson, 55% for Deal, 59% for Cagle, etc.). But it is more of a “country club” electorate in this area. In last year’s GOP presidential primary, Romney won nearly 60% of the vote there (compared to just 25% for Gingrich and a mere 8% for social conservative Rick Santorum), and in 2011, the district voted 85% in favor of Sunday retail alcohol sales. Many of the voters here are Catholic (Cathedral of Christ the King with 10,000+ members is located here), or mainline Protestant (like Cathedral of St. Philip for the Episcopalians, Peachtree Presbyterian Church and Peachtree Road United Methodist Church—all three with membership in the thousands). There also is probably a fairly large Jewish population in the district. All in all, not the type of district which in a GOP primary would embrace the likes of Santorum, Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson, etc.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    I suspect that Barge is toast, thus I thought the speculation in another thread that Barge would gracefully exit by running for Governor interesting. A few lawmakers throwing their hat in that ring creates more openings.

    2014’s action may make for an interesting 2016 too, when some losers will want their old offices, what with there being no statewide offices then, and a shortage on plum appointments for losers, what with the competition from cronies and all.

  4. Corvid says:

    I looked at the links, too.

    McC seemed to have forgotten the name of his bosses’ firm(s). He listed him as just a “business owner, self employed”. Interesting omission.

    There sure is a lot of title loan $$ on his disclosure. Maybe the industry needs an inside guy under the Gold Dome so they can reduce their lobbying fees.

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