Peach Pundit BBQ Tour – 6th District: Smokejack BBQ w/Congressman Tom Price

The fourth stop on the Peach Pundit BBQ tour will be Monday evening, August 19th at Smokejack BBQ in Alpharetta.  Congressman Tom Price will be our guest host, and we look forward to sampling what the fighting 6th has to offer from their expansive menu.  

Come hungry, but leave those axes you want to grind at home.  This isn’t a town hall.  The Congressman (and only the Congressman) will provide a few remarks, and then will sit down for a Q&A with some of us from Peach Pundit.  The bulk of the time however will be reserved for one on one interaction with those in attendance.  Previous talks with Rob Woodall, Lynn Westmoreland, and John Barrow are available just by clicking on their names right here.

If you are a candidate for any office, you are welcome to attend, but we highly recommend you not mistake this for your campaign event.  Seriously.  Just don’t do that.  It is not our responsibility to find a captive audience for you.  If you can’t work a room by yourself, re-think your decision before you plunk down a qualifying fee.

With that said, we’ll be at Smokejack from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  Order when you arrive and eat at your leisure.  This isn’t one of those horrible political functions where everyone has to eat at the same time then stare straight ahead for 45 minutes to an hour while a litany of folks grab the mic.  Drop in as you like, listen to the Congressman if there at the time he speaks (my guess is a bit after 7) and otherwise meet some of us from the Pundit, talk to your Congressman and others in attendance, and have a good meal.

We look forward to seeing some of you.  Others….


  1. F. Underwood says:

    Never been to Smokejack but if it beat out Williamson Bros. it must be worth checking out.

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