Karen Handel On The Erick Erickson Show This Evening

Karen Handel will be on Erick Erickson’s show this evening at 6:05p.  If you’re in the Atlanta area, tune your radio over to WSB.  If you’re outside of Atlanta, like me, you can listen online.

Feel free to discuss the interview and the Georgia US Senate race in the comments.


  1. gcp says:

    Terrible “interview.” Sounded like Handel was reading a script but we did learn “Washington is broken” and she wants to “defund Obamacare.” When Erickson asked her about the farm bill she said she wanted “reform” but once again she gave no specifics.

  2. Salmo says:

    Didn’t get to hear it, but I can only imagine the softball questions and excessive fawning over her that took place. I wonder if he’s going to give her a weekly spot?

    • Dave Bearse says:

      You’d think it would be easy, since there’s not much corn grown in Georgia, and fiscal conservatives typically focus on cutting someone else’s benefits. In this case though Georgia peanut farmers know that it’s an invitation for others, including corn belt state Senators, to call for an end to peanut subsidies. And there are five times as many corn state Senators as peanut state Senators.

  3. Scott65 says:

    That “Abortion Barbie ” comment was the last straw. I will never listen to or support anything he has to do with again…that was just hateful

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