Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

On this day in 1965, the Voting Rights Act is signed into law…and today the United States tries to get everyone it knows out of Yemen (Guardian live updates), and your Morning Reads after the jump:


  • UGA no longer top 10 party school (AJC)
  • Over Aldermans districts, Dawers runs the rule (SMN)
  • Marco Rubio is a friend of the oyster (FloridaCurrent)
  • At the time news story of Pete Rose’s hit streak (with special guest star Jerry Royster) (CincinnatiEnquirer)
  • Becoming “Band of Brothers” requires heading to Toccoa (WXIA)
  • Anaerobic Gulf Dead Zone the fault of dying protozoa (Sci-Tech)
  • Atlanta’s luxury condo market is back (WSJ)
  • GSU to be the site of VA leaders catching flak (WSB)
  • Details revealed of Falcons’ Stadium last Church Dance (AJC)
  • APS gives online classes a chance (AJC)

Areas that still contain Top 10 Party Schools:

  • Goldman Sachs Criminally Charging Its Ex-Programmer was an over-reacher (Vanity Fair)
  • South Korea’s $4 Million Teacher  (WSJ)
  • Conservative climate change! Now that’s big-tented! (NYT)
  • How the office was invented (BBC)
  • Would we better off in a world where blame was toast? (Boston Review)
  • Amazon’s Jeff Bezos drops 250m to buy the Post (WaPo)
  • Netflix, Google, Apple, and Intel TV changing plan might be ultra vires* (Barron’s)
  • Currency Wars and the Fall of Empires (Pieria)
  • Woody Allen’s Distinctive Females (NYT)
  • “Superbabies” and all that entails (Wired)
  • High debt does not slow growth, want to know why? (Quartz)
  • Greenland’s name to become less of a lie? (Rolling Stone)

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  1. Pat Kelly says:

    Regarding the NY Times piece on climate change: If a carbon tax is a “conservative”solution to our climate, then wouldn’t a birth tax be even more conservative?

    After all, each human does produces about 2.5 pounds of CO2 a day. Think about all those 2+ child households.

    If a carbon tax is a “conservative” solution, then a “one child per household” law must be the ultra-conservative approach…

    • Stefan says:

      Well, if by conservative, you mean market based then yes I suppose. But really you don’t have to tax newborns, you can just eliminate their tax credit. We do a lot to subsidize and encourage more children – we could stop doing a lot of that.

      But seriously, climate change and increased CO2 are externalities. It is entirely reasonable to do something to make them part of the equation. Cap and trade might be closer to what you are suggesting.

      • Pat Kelly says:

        Yes, of course, however, if we’re going to apply “conservative” principles, then we ought to be careful not to place undue burden on industry; corporations are people too, ya know.

        That’s why the true “conservative” approach would be to require all those wanting to convert oxygen to CO2 to either acquire the necessary license or pay an appropriate fee. Aside from this, fining all oxygen-to-CO2 converting persons would really be the only “conservative” solution to our climate.

        By all means, taxing households would be an atrocity; it would truly harm the well-beings of nuclear families who we ought to protect. This of course is all the more reason to do away with the minimum working age entirely.

        /*Out-“conservative” THAT…*/

  2. Noway says:

    “Two teenagers were hospitalized and a third arrested after the three allegedly tried to burglarize a Lithonia-area home Monday afternoon, DeKalb County police said. A resident fired multiple shots, striking two of the suspects.”

    The homeowner won’t be charged. Common sense law enforcement at work.

  3. Ghost of William F Buckley says:

    Lyndon Baines Johnson: Many really good quotes, here’s just one:

    “The fact that a man is a newspaper reporter is evidence of some flaw of character.”

    One that did not make that list: [I changed the bracketed word for contemporary decency]
    “I’ll have those [folks] voting Democratic for the next 200 years. (Touting his underlying intentions for the “Great Society” programs, LBJ confided with two like-minded governors on Air Force One)”

    Never liked Pres. Johnson, but I respected his command of politics.

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