Deal Reached with Friendship Baptist Church

Hizzoner Mayor Reed announced a deal has been reached with Friendship Baptist Church, one of the two churches blocking the new and completely unnecessary Falcons stadium.

According to a press release, the historic church was bought for $19.5 million, all paid for by the Faclons.

“I am pleased with the solid progress on the construction of a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons in the heart of our city,” said Mayor Reed. “Most important of all, we have kept our promise to treat the members of Friendship Baptist Church with dignity and respect and reach an agreement that is fair and reasonable for all parties. With both the south and north site as possible locations for the new stadium, factors such as transportation, neighborhood impact, and infrastructure needs can be better weighed and balanced.”

Now only Mount Vernon Baptist Church must agree to negotiations for the proposed south site to move forward.


      • sockpuppet says:

        Well at first it appeared that Mount Vernon was going to ask for only a little more than fair market value while Friendship Baptist was going to be the main hurdle due to that church’s history and influence, plus Friendship was the entity being more vocal about the need to be compensated for more than just the value of the land and facility while Mount Vernon was operating more in the background. So Mount Vernon was being handled by GWCCA while the mayor was handling Friendship. Now things have totally flipped. Friendship came down from their $24.5 million asking price to $19.5 million. The city’s last offer was $15.5 million so it looks like they just split the difference. But then Mount Vernon comes out of nowhere with their $20.5 million bid because of wanting to be compensated for lost revenue from concessions and parking for events for the next 20 years plus the costs of a new facility and relocation. GWCCA had to drop the issue because they can’t legally pay anywhere near that much over the fair market value. So looks like Reed will have to get Blank to pony up the cash to by Mount Vernon too. However, since Friendship sold for $19.5 million, it will be difficult for Mount Vernon to maintain their demands, as they were considered to be the less valuable of the two properties.

  1. sockpuppet says:

    Not this again.

    A) The stadium was completely necessary to Blank because he isn’t making nearly as much money on the Georgia Dome as he should/would be.
    B) The stadium was completely necessary to Atlanta in order to keep Blank from moving his revenue generating enterprise to Cobb County and sucking a huge chunk of the large events business to Cobb County with it.

    This line of thinking is offensive to the anti-tax crowd (as well as the “there is a better use for the money crowd”) but in many instances they aren’t the ones who are stuck with having to make tough decisions like this. And when they are, they generally make the same ones that Reed and Atlanta are.–Latest-stadium-woes-hike-chances-Falcons-could-fly-to-Franklin-Road?instance=home_editorial

    • Baker says:

      A) Are you an Atlanta resident?
      B) Are you aware how much money the Falcons are actually getting in this deal? (Hint: It’s WAAAY more than $200 MILL)

  2. UpHere says:

    Blank will make more money with new stadium but, guess what? The State of Georgia makes less. MUCH less. Another hole in the coffers…..

  3. South Fulton Guy says:

    Atlanta haters in the burbs your rhetoric is old like a broken record… Since you chose not to live there that’s OK – let it go and focus on your own governance…

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