Bill Reilly Will Be The New House Clerk

The panel charged with selecting a replacement for retiring House Clerk Robbie Rivers has made it’s selection and Speaker Ralston concurs. Received via press release:

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 28-3-20(b), I am today announcing the appointment of William L. Reilly as Clerk of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Mr. Reilly’s appointment will be effective August 16, 2013 and he will serve the remainder of the unexpired term of Robert E. Rivers, Jr.

Bill Reilly has served as General Counsel in the Speaker’s Office since January, 2010. A member of the State Bar of Georgia since 1983, he has also served as a Juvenile Court Judge in the Appalachian Judicial Circuit.

I have complete confidence that the high standards we have come to expect from the clerk’s office will continue. Bill Reilly not only brings the knowledge, professionalism and leadership ability necessary to this position, but he also brings a love and respect for the House as an institution and each of its members as the elected representatives of the people of Georgia.

Welcome Mr. Reilly!


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