Statement by Chairmen and Ranking Members of Senate and House Intelligence Committees

Senators Chambliss and Feinstein as well as Representatives Rogers and Ruppersberger have released another joint press release. My $0.o2 is at the end.


Intel Committee Chairs and Ranking Members Slated to Meet with President Obama Today on FISA

“We have conducted thorough oversight of FISA, and the business records provision in particular. We believe this provision has contributed substantially to our counterterrorism successes since its inception, and that it has been operated in a lawful, careful manner.

“We understand that the American people have concerns as a result of the program’s disclosure, and the inaccurate and reckless way in which it has been characterized. These authorities are used in a manner consistent with the law and Constitution, and we are working with our colleagues in the House and the Senate to reassure the American people and look for ways to improve transparency and strengthen privacy protections without undermining the program’s effectiveness. We want to be sure that the intelligence community has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe.

“Both of our committees are conducting lengthy discussions with the executive branch and privacy advocates in developing initial ideas, and we look forward to discussing these proposals with the president today.”

I still have concerns about the first paragraph since there hasn’t really been any evidence released to back up the statement. The stuff that I have seen in the past few weeks were very small amounts of Data. It was something like 50ish foiled attacks but only 11 absolutely required the data gained from the NSA dragnet data.
The Second paragraph is a bit more comforting because it does mention that attempts will be made to increase transparency. Though I’m not sure how much will actually change. At least it’s a start.


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