Morning Reads – Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome, August! On this day in 1836, Colorado became state #38. Also on this day in 1950, Guam territory was established. The actual size of Guam was not known which later led some folks to believe the island may actually tip over.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum

  • Today’s Liberty drum plays the tune of my graduation tomorrow from the University of Georgia’s MPA program. That is pure, unadulterated liberty.
  • And this, because people will read it, become angry and then move right along.


    • John Konop says:

      As some of you know I am 100% against affirmative action and I am fiscal conservative. With that said I do believe everyone should be given a fair shot…..MLK is one of my heroes…..His “I have a Dream Speech” I have seen and read numerous times and it always moves me……Growing up Jewish and being 51 I know what it is like to be a minority…..I remember being very young and hiding it via nasty comments…….we all just want to fit in…..As I got older I realized standing up was the right thing, and hiding only feed into the issue…..I realize with skin color you have no option to hide like I did, when I was in elementary school…..

      When I attended the University of Cincinnati we had some racial tension on the campus…..I was a athlete for a while and meet a lot guys who played sports….The group I hung out was racial diverse and without it ever being said, we knew it was the right thing to stand up to peer pressure…..Not that we did not like hanging out together, but it was not obviously accepted by many……

      In life I really try to walk in the shoes of other people……all my businesses are very diverse in terms of employees, customers……..And I try to learn and respect different cultures……..It is extremely insensitive to not see how offensive this is especially understanding the issues of our past…. Agree not with people we should attempt to bring people together not tear them apart……This behavior is not in that spirit…….

  1. xdog says:

    Jessica, congratulations on nailing down that MPA. We’re all expecting graduation pix.

    Also thanks for the links to the latest Cobb tp antics. While it’s not my job to tell mainstream gopers how to conduct their business, don’t you guys have to actually confront the tp folks at some point or else just give up, cede party control, not to mention resign yourself to newer and worse Chip Rogers and Kelly Marlows?

    • Jessica S. says:

      I don’t agree with everything they do, but the TEA Party does serve a purpose in GOP politicking. My problem with the article is his lack of purpose. It’s quite clear that this guy appreciates a top-down approach to government, which is totally fine if you’re into that kind of control. He’s also still bitter about the TSPLOST failing. (hashtag get over it) Several groups not affiliated with the TEA party worked to defeat the TSPLOST yet disagree with where they stand on Common Core. There are so many different groups operating on single issues and the TEA party usually takes the blame for the behavior. Did you notice that no where in his article was it confirmed the ‘little old lady’ was a TEA party member?

      I think the biggest mistake that the GOP makes is implying that everyone has to think the same thing about everything. I’m a fan of dissent.

      • xdog says:

        I think the biggest mistake gopers make is rolling over for every extreme faction that pops up. After all, they’re the party that invented litmus tests for candidates and the tpers are the ones who embrace a doctrinaire approach to governance. If you’re not with them you’re a dupe or a traitor to freedom. They’re shrill and rigid and ignore inconvenient facts. As I said, whether you’re comfortable with that continuing to be the public face of the gop is up to you but you have to know that more people are interested in reasonable approaches to solutions than conspiracy theories or score-keeping. imo, factions should be treated as factions.

  2. SmyrnaSAHM says:

    I am unrepentant in my love for my silver Birkenstock Gizeh’s, which are decidedly more fashion-forward than the tan nubuck Birk Floridas that are holdovers from my days at a women’s (womyn’s?) college.

    In fact, I wore my silver Birks (Jessica, don’t disparage Birks until after you’ve had plantar’s fasciitis; because they’re Birks, and are therefore steeped in patchouli and yoga mantras, there may be heel pain karma coming your way) when was photographed earlier this week for the MDJ. I told the photographer that my shoes may not skew towards the MDJ’s target demographic (they were ultimately cropped from the photo). After reading that Agenda 21 article, I’ll be sure to wear my Birks (does the turquoise pedicure offset their egregiousness?) to the next meeting where I vote to voice my continued support of our trail network and community garden – they are, after all, resplendent in their quest for world domination.

  3. Regarding the Cobb article…

    1. Who is Senator Chip Davis? Has Chip Rogers picked up another alias?

    2. Most people use the term RINO. Only Rhepublicans use the term RhINO. And there’s something worse than a socialist? 😉

    3. I wonder where the author of that article got all of that information about the Koch brothers, John Birch Society, etc. Surely it wasn’t from the Internet. He must have spent hours poring through those big heavy encyclopedias and stacks of old newspapers and microfiche, right?

    4. “Tea Partiers would show up at campaign events and act like monkeys that had knocked over a hornets nest.” What exactly does this look like… a youtube link please?

    Having read some of the other articles by Mike Holzknecht in the past, I would think he’s a prime candidate to move to a more liberal county or city. Perhaps he’d be happier living in the city of Atlanta where he can pay an 8% sales tax and higher income and property taxes? 🙂

  4. Ellynn says:

    Jessica, PLEASE tell me the 1836 on Colorado statehood was a test to see who was paying attention? Or a typo? Please?

  5. Scott65 says:

    You know you are from Atlanta if you still call her Monica Kaufman. (cant believe there are no comments about that…it was hilarious)

  6. saltycracker says:

    Hawaii & others deporting the homeless could learn from France with the gypsies:
    They took the free ticket home, visited and returned to the free hammocks that attracted them in the first place.

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