WRDW In Augusta Interview Eugene Yu, GOP Candidate For US Senate

WRDW in Augusta sat down with businessman Eugene Yu, who recently announced a run for the GOP nomination for United State Senate.

Do folks agree with me that Yu, David Perdue, and Michelle Nunn face a similiar problem: it’s very hard, no matter how impressive your resume, to win a Federal Election with no prior political experience. Sure, Nunn will likely be the Dem. nominee but it’s still tough to be elected to such a high profile office as a first time candidate.



  1. drjay says:

    i think for a senate seat, you have to have the means to “buy” the seat, a party willing to let you buy the seat and a state that leans your parties way so that it will work out for you once you’ve ante’d up–a la john corzine in nj or have an unusual insurgent kind of thing go your way like rand paul and mike lee did…

    • drjay says:

      also i think you have to separate “political experience” from “elected experience” neither kelly ayotte or ted cruz held elected office, but they did hold high ranking appts. in their respective states…

      • Napoleon says:

        Drjay, having observed Georgia politics for nearly two decades, this state does not seem to like outsiders coming into the political process at high levels. Local positions and legislative are fine. Even lower profile statewide offices will find a newbie elected. However, with limited exceptions, if you are going to run for a high profile statewide office or Congress, you need to have served in some position before, or at least come from a political family. That does give Perdue and Nunn a bit of a step up.

        • drjay says:

          my comments were in general, not ga specific…but ga will send accomplished folks to congress without prior office…a statewide race is a horse of a different color however…and ga has grown into a fairly large state both geographically and population wise which makes aa run for guv or senate a tough nut to crack as well…

  2. Jackster says:

    It’s an uphill battle for them, basically because they are not a known quanitity, do not have a fundraising basis, and unless they have been pulling serious strings behind the scenes, do not seem to have the blessing of the party (and by extension, its resources).

    So to that end, Nunn has it easier, since she has the blessing of the party. She has a ton of time to make a name for herself and curry opinion.

  3. Jane says:

    All I can say is Guy Milner, someone who I think put the GOP back 10 years when he showed money could win primaries, but not generals.

  4. F. Underwood says:

    I was impressed until the video started playing. I guess his advisers thought tv now was a good idea.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Yu sells military equipment and seems like a nice guy. Our complex public engine needs overhauling and he wants to volunteer to help on this project, alien to his experiences. Or we can select from a crew, most of whom have demonstrated some inability to repair the engine, to do it right this time.

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