Karen Handel Begins Campaign Message Rollout

From an early morning press release, we see what the Karen Handel campaign will look like going forward. She also has a website dedicated to the cause.

Handel Launches “Only In Washington” Campaign

Campaign to Highlight 42 Examples of the Ridiculous Things that Could Only Happen in Washington, D.C.

ROSWELL, GA – Former Georgia Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Karen Handel today announced her new “Only in Washington” campaign which will highlight 42 examples of unacceptable results and ridiculous programs and initiatives that could only happen in our nation’s Capitol. Why 42? Because that is one example for each year that her opponents have spent in the U.S. Congress.

“We can all agree that our country faces tremendous challenges,” Karen said. “Sadly, nothing ever changes in Washington because the same career politicians are more concerned about the next election than making the hard decisions to solve our nation’s problems.”

Today’s “Only in Washington” focuses on our soaring debt. In the past twenty years, our debt has continued to grow each year under both Republican and Democrat leadership. In Washington, there seems to be little difference between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to spending and our nation’s debt. But why would there be any difference when the same career politicians are elected over and over? Only in Washington could everyone agree that our nation’s debt threatens future generations, yet no progress is ever made.

“The 3 congressmen in this race are good people who have worked to make our state a better place, and we thank them for their contributions,” Karen said. “On primary day, they will have spent a combined 42 years in Washington. 42 years? That’s just way too long! We need a proven conservative outsider with a record of achieving conservative results — someone who will have the courage to take on the tough issues and put solving our nation’s problems ahead of the next election.”



  1. xdog says:

    Sounds like the segue to the primary season howl of ‘Obama/Pelosi’. She’ll have plenty of company in that mantra. Meanwhile, could someone fill me in on Handel’s “record of achieving conservative results”?

  2. saltycracker says:

    Looks like a smart campaign strategy – now do the 42 points have light ?
    We only rail against career politicians until we have the opportunity to be one.
    If she supported term limits then her first of 42 would be a worthy example.

  3. Spacey G says:

    Why is it people who whine the most about Washington will crawl through glass on their way to selling their soul to the Devil to get there?

  4. gcp says:

    Her web site says she wants a “simpler fairer tax system”, wants to “reign in the EPA and wants to “get out-of-control spending in check.” Could we get some specifics rather than such useless, generic statements? She needs to emphasize what she will do and how she will do it.

    • If you think the EPA is bad, please visit China or somewhere else in Southeast Asia where they aren’t under such stringent environmental standards and report back.

      • gcp says:

        Did not say the “EPA is bad” just want to know her specifics. As for the Fed. Dept. of Education, well that is a useless agency and should be eliminated.

  5. Salmo says:

    So Handel is effectively claiming that she’d have been able to singlehandedly implement her agenda in the House of Representatives had she been there? Or that she’ll be able to accomplish the same as a freshman Senator?

    Yeah, good luck with that, Karen. The best way to make that happen is definitely to keep insulting anybody and everybody who you will potentially have to work with, just as you did when you ran for Governor.

  6. Herb says:

    Watching her haplessly defend her actions which forever destroyed the credibility of the Susan G. Komen foundation will be fun to see. Could be almost as fun as watching Bush and Dole flail and flounder against Clinton. Maybe even better than watching Broun and Gingrey run off with the mouth. Shoulde be an easy Democratic gain, as the Pugs are too stupid to go with their safe option(Kingston).

  7. Jon Lester says:

    She is the one candidate that Michelle Nunn can realistically win against. The Georgia Democratic Party and the SDCC apparently want their voters to choose the GOP ballot to try to make this happen, rather than vote in a competitive Democratic primary, as if Dr. Rad and Steen Miles aren’t running. I think this is a strategy for disaster, quite frankly, and will find us following the words “Senator-elect” with either Broun or Kingston.

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