Arrests Made In Georgia As Part Of Nationwide CSEC Sweep.

Over 150 pimps nationwide, and numerous here in Georgia were arrested as part of a nationwide campaign against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. Over 100 children ranging in ages from 13 – 17 were rescued in the sweep as well.

“Child prostitution remains a persistent threat to children across the country,” Ron Hosko, assistant director of the bureau’s criminal investigative division, told a news conference. “We’re trying to put this spotlight on pimps and those who would exploit.”

In Operation Cross Country, federal, state and local authorities cooperated in an intelligence effort aimed at identifying pimps and their young victims.

WRDW compiled the names of those arrested in Richmond County:

Kristopher Bufkin, 19 — Interfering with a sheriff’s deputy
Natasha Nicole Bush, 19 — VGCSA possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct (prostitution / pimp)
Katie Goetz, 31 — Disorderly conduct (prostitution)
Greg Luke Green, 28 — Pimping
Jessica Lynn Hammond, 26 — Disorderly conduct (prostitution)
Katherine Holbert, 30 — Disorderly conduct (prostitution)
Shanikia Howard, 27 — Prostitution
Betty L. Key, 28 — Disorderly conduct (prostitution)
Casandra Kimball, 22 — Disorderly conduct (prostitution)
David Leon Morris, 21 — One count of VGCSA possession of marijuana and felony probation
Ashley Reshena Washington, 21 — Disorderly conduct (prostitution)


  1. Rick Day says:

    This story is confusing. Is that 100 children saved in GA or nationwide. Only 150 pimps nationwide? If that is nationwide that is 2 per state. What tha…?

    And out of this story, only 3 pimps the rest for evil weed or selling their personal wares? And how many children were saved in Richmond County? These all look adult age, to me.

    This is like ‘dope on the table for the TV cameras’. I feel so safe! So what IS the story?

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