Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Happy Independence Day to Vanuatu! Remember to wish all the Vanuatians in your life a happy 33rd year of post-colonial life.

Closer to home, the Morning Reads after the jump!


  • It is entirely possible your grandfather (if you go back far enough) was a pig (SaportaReport)
  • Burrell Ellis seeks dismissal based on DA overreach, hopes to avoid the brig (AJC)
  • Echols on Georgia Power, his reasoning convoluted on those who polluted (AJC)
  • As a T-Splost option is remooted (GainesvilleTimes)
  • Though there’s no magic bullet for transportation (AtlBizChron)
  • Your Atlanta Braves are into Magnetic levitation  (Clatl)
  • Nunn the wiser, Dr Rad visits the Coast (SMN)
  • As Washington papers think Michelle’s probably toast (WaPo),(RollCall)


  • Google’s quandaries and their methods to solve them (Stratechery)
  • Unhappy Truckers and Other Algorithmic Problems (Nautilus)
  • Why the G.O.P Needs to Lose for a Third Time (Rational Irrationality)
  • Rebuilding the American Jury to deal with Modern Crime (Boston Review)
  • To the Oval Office, Joe Biden is aspiring? (GQ
  • Community’s’ Dan Harmon Reveals the Story Behind His Firing and Rehiring (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Everything we think of as American was economic chance (NY Mag)
  • A Cheat Sheet for Life, at a glance (Wired)



      • Harry says:

        OBama will not fix that chart. The opposite is true, he desires the support of big corporations and depends on equity market cap to keep the union pension funds healthy. If you’re in a union you’re set. If not, under OBama you’ve no future.

          • Ghost of William F Buckley says:

            I stand with Rep. Tom Price and applaud GA Rep. Tom Taylor for highlighting an obscure issue that affects us all: Reinsurance.

            Before the ‘new kids’ of PP get all squirmy and like, you know, want to GOOGLE that term; reinsurance is defined as the practice of insurance companies spreading their risks worldwide. It is wholesale insurance. As does an increase in the wholesale price index affects retail prices, so too does a tax increase for reinsurance affect our premium costs.

            Support Rep. Price in fighting against this new tax increase:


    • Scott65 says:

      Harry…I have an interesting challenge for you. If I give you 5 websites on the internet you have to read and follow for ONE WEEK…you can give me a list of 5 for which I must do the same…you game for such a challenge? Who knows…maybe the PP Gods would even let us report on it when this challenge is done…

      • Ghost of William F Buckley says:

        Give ’em to me, Alexis [?]. Harry is too busy looking out for the poor ol’ taxpayer.

      • Harry says:

        Put the links on here for all of us to study for a week. For my part, I’ll give you five of mine and provide a review on each one of yours.

        • Scott65 says:

          ok…I’ll get right on it. Cool, this could be fun. No “us” I was speaking to you, but if anyone else wants to participate thats cool as well

        • Scott65 says:

          I am doing this in the hopes that we BOTH can broaden our perspective. This isnt any kind of gotcha type thing.
          3. (actually has a feature on Atlanta)
          4. (at least read a weeks worth…they aren’t that long)

          Notice…no huffington post, daily kos, or any of that other garbage…now…your turn

        • Harry says:

  1. Herb says:

    Pigs: Now that would explain the House and Senate GOP leadership, wouldn’t it? Another reason why Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi(after Democrats retake the House in 2014) should invoke the nuclear option.

    2016: The cons are hopeless. They’ll continue to nominate whackos and lose. I don’t see them winning any future Presidential elections. Biden/Weiner will whomp Santorum/Brewer 495-43(60%-39%, with the cons carrying only AL, AR, KS, MS, OK, UT, and WY) come 2016.

  2. Jackster says:

    Last week, Buzz posted about Olens wanting the authority to go after classified websites.

    I just saw that the FBI arrested 159 men and rescued 109 children from prostitution. (Link:

    So that got me thinking – even if Olens had the authority to go after charges based on classfied postings, would the GBI have the budget, man power, and the political will to take it to task?

    We’ve seen this legislature and governor put reduced services ahead of very real needs of Georgians in the name of being Fiscally Conservative. So I ask those of you who sound off on a smaller government this:

    If the state shouldn’t be funding education, transportation, healthcare, ethics, or judicial services at higher levels because it would mean higher taxes, then why exactly does the AG need more authority, and who would want to live in a place where the law enforcement arm of the state has an unfunded mandate? In this case, to investigate and build cases for child prostitution?

    • Scott65 says:

      That doesn’t even begin to cover the problem of Internet censorship that will occur if he is given any power over the internet. Give them the power…and they will abuse it. All in the name of “the children” which is always the excuse to reduce freedom, and it never seems to be about “the children” once given the power.

      • Jackster says:

        Yeah, that’s a different thread on the merits of what they’re asking for.

        My question is this: If the GBI were asked to gather this evidence, they would need funding. Does that funding take priority over the other items, since we live in a state where we’re obsessed with low taxes, but also don’t understand the value proposition with services provided.

    • John Vestal says:

      The USS President Coolidge, which had been converted to a troop ship during WWII, is still in the channel at Espiritu Santo,Vanuatu…..having struck two ‘friendly’ mines entering the harbor carrying the 172nd Combat Regiment of the 43rd ID in October ’42. The ship was run agound on a sand bar allowing all but two crewman killed by the mine blasts to disembark before listing too far and sliding back into the channel to sink.

      The rest of the 43rd (including my Dad in the 118th Combat Engineer Battalion) had been on six other ships that left SF a few days earlier and had already arrived in Auckland, NZ.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Vanuatu…do they still bungi with vines for the tourists ? Was on Rarotonga, Cook Islands a few years ago – beautiful – takeaway lesson was the Maori should have eaten the missionaries instead of rival leaders…….prefer the out islands of the Bahamas

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