Falcons Stadium Site to Move Northward

…as intractable negotiations with the southern side’s churches prove too great an impediment.

The new Falcons Stadium has always had two potential locations on the Georgia World Congress Center campus, one on the south, adjacent to the current Georgia Dome site, easy MARTA access and the convention center, and on on the north, adjacent to nothing.

All logic, planning, and forethought dictated the southern site would be the one selected, but nobody apparently considered the steadfastness of Friendship Baptist and Mt. Vernon, the churches that would have to be relocated for the south site to be built upon.

The Falcons always preferred the north site but their reasoning was not based on what was good for the City or the GWCC (as is their wont).

And now the Falcons have seized (like a hapless pigeon in their talons?) on the failure to close the deal with the churches to resurrect their long held desire to migrate northward.

But why did this happen?

1) The City announced very early on that it wouldn’t use eminent domain.

“I’ve taken eminent domain off the table, so there’s no threat or intimidation occurring here,” Reed said. “If the majority of the members of Friendship don’t want to move, the only thing you’re going to hear from me is respect.”

They could have made an awesome prisoner’s dilemma between the two churches in private negotiations.

But if they weren’t going to use your private negotiating powers, but if they weren’t willing to use those tactics, they should have gone public and…

2) Failure to make the case to the members of the Church, rather than just the board.


3) Failure to properly set negotiation strategy.

This will get boring, so I’ll mostly skip it.

What do y’all think? Where did it all go wrong?









  1. saltycracker says:

    It’s not about the money 🙂 but how much did the churches want and how historic were the buildings ?

  2. Jackster says:

    Well it’s a great thing that they made sure everyone knew that if it moved north, the price would go up, and I’m sure the city council will have to sign off on this change.

    I mean, that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?

    Anyone else feel like someone has Atlanta built out in Sim City? Boom. Done. Alright, bring on the relaxing music.

  3. Scott65 says:

    From what I gather…the churches wanted an exorbitant amount of money (18 million was the last figure I saw). The City raised their price to 15 million, but the church refused…bet they wish they hadn’t played such hardball.
    Its too bad that the stadium wont have MARTA access and will be a complete and utter traffic nightmare

  4. saltycracker says:

    What is interesting is that the Braves and Falcons see Marta Rail as a “would be nice” but not a “must have” for their masses of people.

  5. The Comma Guy says:

    The churches actually increased their asking price when the city went up from their original offering price. I wonder if this gets Arthur Blank off the hook for the community redevelopment that the City was imposing on the areas south of the stadium. If the City isn’t willing to use eminent domain in this instance, I would be interested to see when the City does feel justified in using it.

    And MARTA takes money away from the Falcons and Braves as folks riding MARTA aren’t over paying to park at the facility.

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