Governor Replaces Another Elected Official

James Brooks, a Brunswick city commissioner accused of racketeering and peddling his influence as a city official, was suspended on April 29 pending the outcome of the charges against him. Deal appointed Glynn County property appraiser Emmitt Nolan, as Brooks’ replacement. Nolan will be sworn in and then have to begin campaigning for re-election in the same month. “He could be facing Brooks, who said previously that he would run in the fall re-election for the South Ward seat. If he is convicted, however, [Brooks] would not be able to run and his temporary suspension would become permanent.”

This is not Brooks’ first run-in with the law according to News4JAX: “In January 2012 he was arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on one count of bribery… In February of 2012, prosecutors added a gun charge against him…”  And yes, Brooks is the same guy who got arrested for trying to obstruct the investigation into the shooting of 13-month old Antonio Santiago. Sounds like the people of Brunswick are well rid of Brooks. Best of luck to Commissioner Nolan.


  1. Herb says:

    I thought localities and municipalities replaced their own elected officials through appointment and a Special Election? Seems like an overstep in Gubernatorial authority on the part of Squeal. Oh well. I guess that’s just the nature of politics in Squeal Country.

  2. oscardagrch says:

    Herb, municipalities only replace suspended officials on their own if they have a Charter provision detailing the process. Some cities don’t have such a Charter provision and so the Governor is granted those powers in those situations.

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