Dear John Stone – Quit Being An Ass

We had a good time at the Peach Pundit BBQ Tour yesterday in Augusta.  Well, most of us did.  “Others”…apparently not so much.

Sconyers BBQ was great.  My fear of SC style mustard sauce was unfounded.  The sauces (properly served on the side) were all tasty, and they had an excellent spicy sauce that was a formidable match for my sinuses.  Hash…it is good and worth a try.  Theirs was much better than what I had previously tried in SC, and had a taste somewhat like Brunswick stew served over rice.

The interesting part of the day is that we had a room that was filled with partisans from both major parties.  We had hard core progressive Democrats sitting down and breaking bread with TEA Party activist Republicans.  Much like we strive to do here on our blog, we had folks take off their partisan hats for a couple of hours and try to find some common ground.

As I mentioned to a few folks yesterday who were also remarking about this too rare occurrence, it is a lot like a big family.  I grew up in a large family and my extended family is truly huge.  There were and are fights.  But one thing we all knew growing up is that eventually we would all have to sit down at the same dinner table together.  There would be conversation, as the TVs and radios were turned off (and we didn’t have any “smart” or even dumb phones and other such devices).  We would have to talk.  And knowing that we would have to do that every day, you would eventually would understand that issues would be left at the dining room door as we sat down and broke bread together as one family.

That’s what we did yesterday, and most people enjoyed it.  Most.  But 12th District GOP candidate John Stone is apparently not amused, as he has taken to Facebook and Twitter to show his displeasure that we didn’t create a captive audience for him to speak to.

From Facebook (posting on former PP Editor Erick Erickson’s timeline):

John Stoneposted to – Erick Erickson

A most amazing display of the “New Bipartisanship” yesterday at the Peach Pundit Road Show in Augusta – John Barrow was given the floor for a full campaign speech, followed by a live blog interview and media interviews, while neither Republican House candidate was allowed to speak. Barrow’s remarks were stunningly centered on the need for bipartisanship! This was the perfect example of what Barrow, Pelosi, and Obama consider “working together” – Republicans silenced and caving in to the Democrat agenda.

And from Twitter:

Peach Pundit BBQ – Barrow gives a campaign speech and live blog while neither GOP House candidate allowed to speak. The new bipartisanship.

Funny (not really) thing about this Mr. Stone is that I’m not aware of your participation with Peach Pundit – ever.  And yet, despite our posting of the format for these events (and having already completed two of them without allowing any other speakers to participate), you believe we should have amassed a captive audience for you to then be able to hijack for your own purposes.

We’ve been clear about the purpose of these events since they began.  We took our time to drive to Augusta and spend 3 hours in a room with 50-60 people so that we could talk face to face, one on one, with the community that we have fostered here for the past 8 years or so.

You believe, somehow, without helping to build this community, that instead of giving you the opportunity to work this room with plenty of time to speak to everyone in attendance, it is somehow our responsibility to hold these folks captive so they would have to listen to you at an event that you didn’t sponsor. You didn’t contact (to my knowledge) anyone responsible for setting up event, and followed on your own assumption that because a crowd was gathered that you had the right to co-opt someone else’s efforts to serve your purposes.  Instead of appreciating the opportunity to talk to the potential voters that were gathered, you left sulking that you weren’t given an opportunity to grandstand.

Republicans are quite good at articulating that we believe in Representative government.  The people of the 12th Congressional district have chosen John Barrow (five times) to represent them in Congress.  The expectation that you should be given equal footing just because you decided to show up demonstrates an arrogance that isn’t needed in Washington or any other seat of power.

I’m quite comfortable with Peach Pundit being unconventional.  I’m also quite comfortable telling a candidate for office that didn’t inquire as to the format for an event and wasn’t invited to speak (before or during the event), that the tempter tantrum you’re throwing in social media makes you look like an ass.

Washington is full of asses.  It is also, unfortunately, a bi-partisan problem.


  1. Harry says:

    Whatever…we in the 7th are soon going to have a Democratic congress member. To make up for that loss the GOP needs to get busy and replace Barrow in the 12th if possible. Charlie can then go to the 12th and have the Republican make his case, and then show up in the 7th and hear a Democrat speak. In regard to all the fake “Obama” talk of bipartisanship – forget it. Not gonna happen. If it ever did happen, we would then be living in effectively a one party country run by an elite governing class with an underclass of pauper serfs. Come to think of it, that seems to be the plan.

  2. WesleyC says:

    My favorite part of Stone’s criticism is that “Barrow’s remarks were stunningly centered on the need for bipartisanship!” Perhaps that’s why the people of his district keep electing him over grandstanding loons like Stone, Anderson, etc.

      • WesleyC says:

        Harry it’s not like Obama (it’s “President Obama” by the way) invented presidential politics. Look at any president in recent history, and their definition of bipartisanship was getting a handful of the other party to go along with them on their agenda – for example, President Bush getting maybe a dozen or so Ds to go along with NCLB and Medicare Part D. It’s not the president’s job to stand in the middle of the two parties and let them co-govern the country. Demanding that President Obama do that unlike any other president before him is setting a double standard.

        • mpierce says:

          for example, President Bush getting maybe a dozen or so Ds to go along with NCLB

          NCLB was co-authored by Dems Ted Kennedy and George Miller. It received more D votes than R votes.

  3. Spacey G says:

    John Stone would have fit right in with the old Peach Pundit crowd. A shame he couldn’t have gotten to that hater party early though. That wind done gone. Thank goodness.

  4. Al Gray says:

    I felt Stone’s pain. However, had he been allowed to speak, so would Rick Allen, then so would Helen Adams………and all of that would have made me speak……..then there would have been chaos.

    It was a pleasure to meet Charlie after all of these years. The mind alternated. “Bear Hug?” “Head Lock?” “Bear Hug?” “Head Lock?”

  5. Spacey G says:

    Come to think about it, you should have let him speak. For as long as he cared to! It would have ended-up on YouTube, and of course the data now show that every (global) click made to watch yet another idiot Georgia Republican embarrass the state translates to a vote for a Dem. Or $8.00 for Better Georgia. Whichever comes first.

    • southernpol says:

      Being from Cartersville, I’m a big SWUBB fan…

      But JD’s BBQ in Acworth is the absolute best in the area. It’s worth the trip from Cartersville to have Texas-style brisket.

  6. MattMD says:

    Maybe this clown just think about, oh I dunno, putting his name his name on yards signs with a picture of a Combine. I’m sure that might work.

  7. Rick Day says:

    Dude…I TOLD you.

    Do you listen to me? Hell naw…what do I know about things BBQ?

    blah blah yucko mustard sauce blah blah

    Kennesaw Aug 24? I really want to cook some Que now that I’ve got the vacuum tumbler going.

  8. Jackster says:

    So he’s pissed that y’all did an interview with John Barrow?

    Let’s get a few things clear:

    1) I appreciate the fact that a group of people that I tend to lean on takes the time to go out and have an actual discussion with an elected official on a non talking points basis.

    2) I’m not going to go down to wherever it is they are.

    3) It seems like if he had any interest in fostering the dialogue, he would have helped organize the visit and its participants. Pretty sure the PP crew would have given a nod if that equity had been put in to the PP stop.

    • Charlie says:

      To that end, Mr. Stone’s primary opponent was also in attendance with a decent number of his volunteers. They worked the room freely, and Mr. Allen thanked me several times for providing a venue for them to talk to voters. I told him that if he and Mr. Stone desired, we would look into putting on a similar event where they could have a platform. Night and day how the two GOP candidates chose to use the opportunity provided them.

      • georgiaconservative33 says:

        It is obvious that Rick Allen learned some very valuable lessons from the 2012 campaign. He has appeared to be much more humble this time around and not acting like he deserves the nomination. However, John Stone seems like he is owed something. He thought that he should be the only Republican candidate, and he seems to pout when things do not go the way that he wants them to.

        Also, does John Stone actually have a campaign team or is it just him and possible a consultant? Rick Allen seems to have an experienced staff all around him. The fundraising numbers show an almost 7:1 advantage for Allen, though Stone was in the race long before Allen. The difference between the quality of their websites is telling also.

  9. Self_Made says:

    Basically proof that “monoliths of political stupidity (or genius)” are mythical and don’t exist. I’m sure I’ll make one of these shin-dings one day when there’s one within a day’s travel of the 4th CD.

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