WSB Hosting #CareAThon For Children’s Healthcare

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta serves children from every corner of this state, throughout the Southeast and beyond.  I have a sister who works for them, but my association unfortunately comes more from long hours of waiting in various waiting rooms at the facility.  I have had a relative and a close friend who each had children with specialized heart issues that required their specialists in their cardiac care unit.  We’ve spent a bit of time in the ER and other departments with my niece and nephew.  Strangely, from first hand observation, I often find it simultaneously the saddest and happiest place on earth.

The folks there do good work.  They understand they’re treating the entire family and not just the patient.  I frankly don’t know how the nurses, doctors, and the rest of the staff come to work every day knowing that they will be dealing with children in pain, and having to explain the often unexplainable to their parents and other loved ones.  And yet they do, every day.  And they do it well.

One of the largest fundraisers that supports the organization is going on now, on WSB radio (95.5FM and 750AM).  The “Care-A-Thon” is an annual telethon that raises funds that keep the hospitals of Children’s at the forefront of their field.  It’s a large part of keeping them doing what they do well in an era where how heath care is funded remains entirely baffling.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.  I can say from experience it is money well spent.

—end personal plug.


  1. saltycracker says:

    You cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about Children’s Healthcare – there is a special place in heaven for this organization, their Doctors, Nurses, staff and volunteers.

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