Congressman Doug Collins Explains His Vote Against Amash Amendment

So, according to some folks, you hate liberty and are a RINO if you’re a Republican and voted against the Amash Amendment.  No doubt the TEA Party will soon be gunning for Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) (and others in the Georgia Republican delegation) after his vote against the Amash Amendment.  I mean, he’s in Washington now, so that obviously means he’s a part of the evil #Establishment, hates #liberty, hates the #Constitution, BFFs with President Obama, and probably hates both kittens and puppies.

Former Gilmer County Republican Party Chairman George McClellan sent out a letter via email from Congressman Collins (it’s in a PDF format) in response the cries that the good Congressman voted the “wrong way” on the amendment and is a RINO.

It’s a good response, and it certainly shows that he’s trying to represent his constituents by thinking through the unintended consequences of the program as much as he can.  Read it, and if you disagree with his position, that’s fine.  We all don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, but at least this shows me that the congressman is taking his job seriously rather than voting as a conservative knee-jerk response.

I like George’s last line in his email:

When Common Sense is finally and totally replaced by pure political nonsense then we can criticize him for his vote. Until then Carry On Doug. Go get ’em!

Well said, George.  Keep on fighting, Congressman Collins.


  1. Harry says:

    Beyond the Fourth Amendment, the NSA is a very poor use of resources. It’s just another excuse to grow the size of federal government and reward friendly contractors.

  2. mountainpass says:

    We all know what happened here. No seniority and leadership said jump. As for the part where he parades around the prize pony Pompeo/Nugent amendment it does absolutely nothing. There are no penalties if it is broken, as reflected by the only 12 nays. Doublespeak boilerplate. I guess now at least he can drop the “consistent” stuff.

    • Rick Day says:

      We all know what happened here. No seniority and leadership said j dump.

      Status quo will not tolerate Congress doing their jobs and protecting the people’s rights. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      Every time you guys have an opportunity to dismantle ridiculous apparati, some one rolls over like a submissive dog.


  3. pettifogger says:

    Tough spot to be in. Good for him for going the way he thought was proper, and the way that would best serve his constituents.

    The amendment was pretty TP-ish, as he indicated. Let’s react loudly and worry about the consequences later. Frequently, those consequences are lost elections, here, God only knows what would happen (I’m not fear mongering, I really don’t know what would happen).

    We need some sensible people “in the middle” (read: not necessarily moderate) that will step away from the old guard when appropriate but will also calm the TP’s histrionics.

  4. Native Gwinnettian says:

    You can make a pretty strong argument either way depending on whether you’re in the “liberty at all costs” wing of the party or the “security at all costs”. It’s nice to know Rep. Collins understands that both are important and looks at all sides of an issue.

    This looks like a case of voting for the amendment so we can find out what’s in it. Agreed that the committee process is the best place to revisit this law and amend it there. Let’s get rid of the bad parts and leave the good ones in place.

  5. Harry says:

    It is said that compromise is between thinking and breathing. I don’t know that you can trust compromise with a government apparatus or other special interest.

  6. Patrick T. Malone says:

    A very insightful explanation that I believe is in the best interests of his constituents. Nice to see someone who can make the hard decisions rather than the politically expedient decisions.

  7. Herb says:

    Common sense my rear end! Typical right wing hackery is more like it. Unfortunately, far too many Liberals join in with these surveillance state goons in their efforts to outlaw privacy in this country.

    • Harry says:

      The executive branch is currently Obama, who the other day purged from his website the promise to protect whistleblowers.

      • Herb says:

        In another thread, I referenced Liberals who kiss up to the Pugs in their quest to be loved by one and all. Sorry to say Obama’s one of those Liberals, though he’s certainly better than Mitt Romney would have been.

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