Morning Reads – Thursday, July 25, 2013

On this day in 1978, the first baby conceived by invitro was born. Now it’s an insanely common, with 5 million babies born from IVF in 2012. [Insert cute baby laughing]

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum

And don’t forget: This Saturday, the Peach Pundit BBQ Tour heads to Augusta with Congresmman John Barrow.


  1. Harry says:

    In the vote which you will not read about at or most other media sources (at least I can’t find it) cited above by Jessica, here are votes of the Georgia House members last night on the Amash Amendment.

    Voted yes, to end NSA surveillance of the American people:

    Voted no, to Preserve NSA surveillance of the American people:
    Scott, A.
    Scott, D.

    • Jackster says:

      Spin Machine: So Woodall votes against defunding the NSA snooping , then issues a town hall to misdirect everyone that he voted against reauthorizing section 215….

      So let me get this straight – you voted every time to not authorize the NSA snooping section … except this one…

      then I see this on FB:
      I want to invite everyone who is interested in the NSA/Patriot Act votes in the House this week to join me for a telephone town hall meeting tonight at 7PM. For all of the call-in details, click the link below. I have been in hours of meetings with NSA Director General Alexander since this story first broke to get answers to your and my shared concerns, and I would love to share those answers with you. As you may know, I am one of only a handful of House conservatives who have voted against every reauthorization of Section 215 of the Patriot Act (that section that the NSA relied on for this program), but I have been defeated on those votes and Section 215 remains the law of the land. Tonight, I’d like to explore the NSA program and activities with you.

      Even as someone who voted against these programs, I must tell you this: the NSA is doing exactly what Congress and the President asked it to do and what the Courts told it that it could do. You and I must stand up for the men and women of the NSA who are doing what their nation asked of them. The blame for the NSA program lies with the President (both Bush and Obama), the Congress (continually since 2001), and the Courts. Like you, I am tired of media cycles that heap blame where it doesn’t belong. The men and women serving this nation around the globe are working every day to protect our families and our freedoms. They deserve only our praise and admiration. Any criticism must be leveled at the many policy makers who direct them. Knowing of your shared love of this country and our freedoms, I look forward to talking about all of these issues in depth with you tonight.

      Town Hall tonight at 7 PM to spin his vote for you.

  2. Noway says:

    Under what authority did the Cumming mayor think he had the right to ask the lady to turn her camera off in a public meeting? Sounds like more wasted taxpayer money.

  3. sockpuppet says:

    This is funny. When liberals – and Ron Paul – spent nearly 8 years warning about the Patriot Act Homeland Security surveillance state, they were denounced by Republicans and conservatives as politically correct anti-defense anti-Americanists whose Bush derangement syndrome and pollyanna fantasyland idealism was endangering lives domestically and abroad. But as soon as someone who isn’t on your side gets into office, then the Patriot Act and Homeland Security provisions all of a sudden no longer seem like such a good idea anymore. My guess is that whenever President Rubio, Jindal, Perry or Christie takes office in 2016, the liberty crowd will go back to proclaiming everything that he does to be a good idea necessary to keep us free, safe and prosperous too. Under Bush, conservatives were brazen about the position that we should be willing to give up some of our freedoms and privacy in the name of security, plus if you weren’t a terrorist, criminal, or left wing radical with views and activities that no “real American” (to quote Bob Barr before his ACLU makeover) would have, then you had nothing to worry about anyway. Remember that? Well it would be pretty easy to pull up old National Review, Weekly Standard, Wall Street Journal, Washington Times,, World Net Daily etc. articles should anyone desire to have selective amnesia.

    • Rick Day says:

      The key here is the GOP’s pretension that they are the champion of smaller government. The conservative mantra is ‘less government intrusion into our private dealings”.

      THAT’s the part that always ‘conveniently’ forget during ‘select’ issues.

      • ieee says:

        The GOP supports nanny, big government. They want jobs programs for law enforcement and favor a huge prison industry.

    • D_in_ATL says:

      Quite to the contrary, plenty of Dems are opposed to NSA over-reach as demonstrated by the vote; including (count me as flabbergasted) John Lewis. I believe it has more to do with ‘terrorism fatigue’ than anything else.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      An observation that can’t be repeated enough, but alas it goes both ways. In 08′ demos were pushing O’ as the peace candidate and then they’re eerily silent when he starts blasting on fools U.S. citizens with predator drones.

      These parties are more interested in out-doing each other than un-doing each other, which is why you can try voting for one party to reverse the wrongs of the other but all you end up with is a worse situation.

  4. radix023 says:

    So it isn’t really salt that “made us smarter” it was iodine that prevented disease. Hmm.. wonder what the iodine content of sea salt is (since I rarely use iodized NaCl)

  5. saltycracker says:

    Hairy: Maybe the Feds next move will be to rule riscrimination on separate public facilities for boys/girls……

  6. Three Jack says:

    Why is Debbie Dooley from Gwinnett County so involved in a highly controversial hearing taking place in Cherokee County? And doing so on behalf of the tea party?

    This again points out why Dooley should cease from being a spokesperson for a movement that originally began to challenge tax and spend policies at the federal level. She has no business in Cherokee County and certainly no idea how her actions tarnish the concept of less government/lower spending supposedly at the heart of the tea party.

    • Ed says:

      “And doing so on behalf of the tea party?”

      I thought you couldn’t represent the tea party? Right? That’s the gist of it that if you’re a pissed off Republican you can just claim “tea party” to air your grievances?

      • Three Jack says:

        From Dooley as reported by Jim Galloway, “In a private conversation, Dooley said that tea party activists in Georgia intend to make precinct-by-precinct organization a priority in Cherokee County.”

        How many times has she threatened such a thing only to show she can’t back it up (see Don Balfour for the perfect example and he was in her district). So she can’t do anything about her home county so she rambles over to Cherokee because there’s a news story going on and she just might be the ‘film at 11’. She hurts the tea party cause far more than she helps.

        • Anyone But Chip says:

          Agreed Three Jack…definitely trying to get in front of the cameras.

          She even took to the stage during a brief recess to talk to each of the board members and show some social media post that called her out.

          Best part of the evening was when she spoke and refused to provide her address as a requirement to speak. She started off rambling on about how she was there representing the Tea Party, Tea Party Patriots, Cherokee County Tea Parties and her “employees” in Cherokee County. She was stopped until she mumbled something about “Gwinnett County” and then proceeded to scold the board and point out how they do it in good old Gwinnett.

          • John Konop says:

            I like and respect Debbie…but on this issue she must not have all the facts…

            First, I have read emails between Kathy Marlow and the school district via her requesting financial information……She did revive detailed information, and was offered an opportunity to go to a class on school financing for board members……from the e-mails via Kathy, it was obvious fiancé was not her best card in the deck…….

            Instead of trying to learn the topic, Kathy filed a complaint on the subject ie finances ….that could hurt the accreditation for the school system she represents as a board member…A bad message to students, if you do not like the class complain about teacher before even taking the class…..

            Second, the constant non fact based spewing at the police, school………as being in some major conspiracy against her, by her and the supporters does not help the cause…..And as a school board member is not the proper behavior for students to model…..Get a bad grade, break a rule…..just scream corruption is the message she is sending…..

            Finally, I have been calling for reforms via the budget, like replacing gym clases with a organized sport at school, consolidating overhead with colleges and vo/tech… buildings, facultiy, administration……, promoting online education, vocational options without prep school requirements……I have found the board does agree on the following and they have been implementing the reforms..,..Kathy had a major chance to be part of it….instead we see what path she took…..

            I would hope Debbie would take this into consideration…….Cherokee schools are not perfect, but they are one of the strongest systems in our state. And overall they do a very good job……

            • D_in_ATL says:

              I don’t have a horse in this race, thankfully, but I’m curious as to why replacing gym classes with an organized sport at school is neccesary. Why do you see that as beneficial? And I’m guessing art class is not on the block because there is no art class?

              • John Konop says:

                One it would save money and or open up more classes, co-op………Two the kids playing organized sports in high school and Jr. High do not need the exercise, especially club sport kids……Three it could be used to open up more time for studying for athletes as well……. Finally it would be optional……

                I went through this with my oldest already……We had a very difficult time adjusting his gym class requirement via a co op job in engernering while in high school …..He was a high level club soccer player, so exercise was not an issue….Now he is a second year at Georgia T and a ME major……Do you really think it was the best use of time for him to take a gym class or a co op job, more science/math……? I know many students with similar issues from needing to work, classes, study time……..

                • Three Jack says:

                  John, her name is Kelly, not Kathy.

                  The topic of this mini-thread is Debbie Dooley trying to get air time in Cherokee County despite failing in her own home county to de-throne the poster child for legislative corruption. Somehow you managed to twist it so that we are now debating gym class!

                  Debbie failed to mount a serious challenge against Balfour despite telling everybody that would happen because she has so much tea party support. Now she makes another veiled threat to invade Cherokee County ‘district by district’ in order to knock off certain school board members (you can almost feel their shivers). Why should she be taken seriously or even be given an opportunity to speak on a very serious situation unfolding in Cherokee County? She has zero credibility and only serves to throw fuel on a blaze when she tries to defend Kelly. Debbie Dooley should worry about her own backyard instead of mugging for cameras in another county…that’s the point of this topic John.

                  • saltycracker says:

                    Agree – I kept wanting Dooley to be the tea party leader in my mind with her feet firmly planted on their core principles. The political spotlight is so intoxicating and this Cherokee grandstanding sadly brought reality back that she has spiked her tea. She is far from alone in wandering off the trail.

  7. ieee says:

    Just think, Mr. 37 Criminal Convictions could have been living right next door to you and you never would have known about his convictions because he was not listed on a nanny, big government public Registry. I thought we are all about “I have a right to know if a person who has done X lives next door to me.”

    We have had nanny, big government for a couple of decades now, what are the excuses that are being given that we don’t have all the Registries created that we all need? Don’t we care about children? If it saves one child, it’s not worth it?

  8. Scott65 says:

    …and again, the City of Brookhaven in all their wisdom is going to pick another court fight over trying to annex Century Center (minus the pesky residential) A judge halted the vote by Brookhaven. . There was a reason it wasn’t included in the original plan. The residents didn’t want to isolated, surrounded by other cities. Chamblee is voting on annexing Century Center AND the residential areas adjacent in Nov. They had a previous vote that failed by 400 votes but the wording on the ballot was deemed confusing and another vote was scheduled.
    Its in todays AJC but probably behind the paywall. If I was a Brookhaven resident, I’d sure as hell want to know just how much of my taxes were going to legal fees. Between this and the Pink Pony litigation…got be costly. Upon reading the article, you get a sense that the Brookhaven Mayor is also quite full of himself.

  9. Just Peachy says:

    Interesting DSCC memo on Georgia:

    Georgia: This is likely the craziest primary in the country, and the one most likely to give
    Republicans major heart ache. The six-way race has already turned into a right wing circus that
    is likely to end with an August run-off that produces another Todd Akin extremist. Michelle
    Nunn brings to the race the experience of a CEO, a career devoted to service, and deep working
    relationships with many Republicans in Georgia going back generations. In the last 48 hours,
    we’ve seen why Michelle Nunn’s independent message and strong record will make this a top
    tier state.

  10. South Fulton Guy says:

    RE: Blue Cross is inline for the state healthcare contract.

    It is hard to believe that under a Republican administration that State Employees will lose the choice of two healthcare companies – actually competing for their business under a dubious if not illegal award process which makes one wonder who in DCH got the payoff from Blue Cross of GA.

    It also tells me that Nathan Deal is pretty confident about his re-election – not caring all all about another scandal and backlash from state employees are getting screwed because he apparently does not think he needs their vote.

    Those conservatives in the private sector who think state employees are slackers and say not my problem should wonder with this anti-competitive move if Deal is a RHINO and how his cavalier decision might cost the GOP Chambliss’ Senate seat.

    No I am not going to pay for the AJC online when I can get the story elsewhere for free:

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