Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Good morning from Maine, and shortly, Boston.


  • Bob Mankoff picks 11 favorite New Yorker cartoons for which he has appreciation (Ted)
  • Physicists Debate Whether the World Is Made of Particles or Fields or Some other cogitation (Scientific American)
  • ESPN/ABC lured Nate Silver by promising diversification (Politico)
  • The fear and loathing of automation (Wilson Quarterly)
  • 8 Successful Entrepreneurs give life lessons (probable prevarication) (Fast Company)
  • The Case of the Trombone and the Camera cessation (Tribeca)
  • From Coast to Toast, America’s coastal enclaves becoming the realm of cetacean (Vanity Fair)
  • The Strange Disappearance of American Cooperation (Social Evolution Forum)
  • Why Is A Four-Decade-Old Tennis Book Still A Self-Help Sensation? (BuzzFeed)




  1. Rambler14 says:

    “Georgia pulls out of Common Core, sticks head in the sand”

    It’s just pulling out of the 22-state partnership to develop the PARCC tests.

    But the new tests are expensive. The cost of administering the proposed new English and math tests would be greater than Georgia’s entire K-12 testing program, according to Barge, who on Monday issued a joint announcement with Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia’s decision to pull out of the consortium. Georgia will develop its own tests, but will look to form partnerships with other states, according to the announcement.

  2. Noway says:

    Dubai (CNN) — A Norwegian woman who was sentenced to prison in Dubai after reporting that she was raped has been given a pardon and will be heading home soon, she said Monday.

    Oh, thank you, Highness, Sire, Your Excellency!!!!
    Shaking my head…

  3. ieee says:

    Regarding “The Strange Disappearance of American Cooperation”, I don’t see anything strange about it at all. It looks to be by design to me.

    I am listed on a Sex Offender Registry in the U.S. and I can tell you for certain that it destroys any desire for cooperation or civility with other U.S. citizens (except for people you directly know to be good people). In fact, I believe being listed on such a Registry removes a person’s obligation to be a good citizen. People who support the Registries are enemies of the people who are listed on them.

    The Registries currently list around .75 million people so the lack of desire to cooperate or be civil is being indoctrinated into perhaps around 2 million people total. Maybe less, maybe more. But there are no excuses that the Registries have not been completely expanded to include all people who have been convicted of a felony (at least). So, there should be probably a few million more people listed on Registries and they should have all the same harassment laws directed at them that people listed on the Sex Offender Registries have. That should have occurred a decade ago and there are no excuses to prevent it from happening today.

    • Stefan says:

      Are you required to notify us of this every time you post?

      Is your point that the US has created classes of citizenship, and thus fewer people are available to cooperate with?

      • ieee says:

        I’m sorry, but I don’t know what “this” refers to in your first question. But I’m not required to notify anyone of anything relative to my post, so I can answer “no”.

        As far as your second question, no, that was not my point. My point was simply that the Registries make the people who are listed on them not care about being good citizens, about helping people, or even being civil to people. They do the opposite of that and quite effectively. That is one of the few things that the Registries actually do well.

        And that certainly extends to the families and many of the friends of people listed on the Registries. The Registries breed an absolute mistrust of government (which is very well founded, I will add).

        Many neighbors of Registered people are outright hostile and Registered people should of course return that hostility. The majority of the rest of their neighbors simply want to ostracize them. Registered people should not be concerned with cooperating with or being civil to them either.

        People who are listed on the Registries should never volunteer for anything. Besides the fact that the person would have to report it to their local criminal regime, it is just asking for trouble and setting a person up for potential arrest and other harassment.

        Registered people also should never contribute in any other way to charities either. Those charities will very likely be helping people who are your enemies. It is much better to help only people that you know well.

        That is why there is no cooperation or civility. I see it as a civil war. All that and more for less than insignificant protection for children.

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