Georgia Republican Party Takes Shot Across Michelle Nunn’s Bow

The Georgia Republican Party wasted no time in welcoming Democrat Michelle Nunn the 2014 US Senate race:

Mrs. Nunn,

Welcome to the race! We appreciate your willingness to offer yourself up for public service and look forward to creating a stark contrast between your far left-wing beliefs and those of your Republican opponent.

Even though the General Election is more than a year away, you can rest assure that the Georgia Republican Party will make your campaign for the United States Senate our priority, and we will work daily to remind Georgia voters how out-of-touch you and the Democratic Party are with their values and convictions.

We wish you safe travels as you venture outside of Atlanta on your tour of the state.  Don’t forget your map!


Georgia Republican Party

PS:  Thanks to your friend President Obama, a tank of gas costs an “arm and a leg” these days (which is NOT covered by ObamaCare) so don’t forget to cash those fat checks from your liberal buddies in Washington before you hit the road!

What Mrs. Nunn’s chances in the Democratic primary and, if she makes it, the general election?  How far will her dad’s name take her?  Discuss this and more in the comments below.


  1. George Chidi says:

    An interesting, if unremarked-upon bit from the AP story today: “Nunn plans to file her official paperwork Tuesday to become a candidate and will hit the road next month to travel the state and meet with voters, said deputy campaign manager Zac Petkanas.”

    Petkanas is a lieutenant for Harry Reid and the senior communications advisor for the Nevada State Democratic Party. Notably, Petkanas helped run the race of Rep. Shelley Berkeley against Sen. Dean Heller. Heller won … but Berkeley managed to raise about $10 million in the losing effort, even though the race devolved into a mud-slinging festival. Heller won by about a point and a half.

    The Berkeley-Heller race has interesting parallels to a potential matchup between Nunn and some of the potential Republican nominees. Arguably, it’s the expected result if the Republican is not obviously crazy. That said, Berkeley still sounded like a New Yorker and had some significant ethics questions arise, Heller was an incumbent (sort of, since he was serving as an appointee after the John Ensign resignation), and the state has a very different population mix.

    But Georgia is also going through a big demographic change, has a single major urban metropole with a big urban-rural divide, and is trying to emerge from a collapse in the real estate market almost as big as Las Vegas.

    The key thing: Nunn is already pulling staff from Washington. Petkanas is, in all likelihood, part of the pipeline between the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Nunn. I wonder who else she’s got.

    • “Professional” out of town campaign folks help and hurt. It signals what we all expected; national Democrats are looking to have a go at the Georgia Senate race, which means she’ll have the money she needs to run a serious campaign. However, every State has it’s own peculiarities and in a tight, tough, race against a Republican with a mostly Georgia based staff, it could come back to haunt Nunn in the form of a misstep.

      My. $.02.

  2. Ed says:

    “What Mrs. Nunn’s chances in the Democratic primary”

    Harry tells me the Democrats have already anointed her, do you need any other evidence?

  3. To further bolster George’s point: Harry Reid publicly praising Nunn. I’m sure Petkansas had a hand in making this happen and to be sure, Reid isn’t going to support anyone else, but this is the kind of public support that hurts Nunn’s effort to say “I ain’t one of them crazy Washington Democrats.”

    • Is it really a surprise in 2013 that Harry Reid wants the Democratic nominee in any state to become a Senator? Isn’t all of this already baked into the expected Democratic, Republican and libertarian votes?

    • ricstewart says:

      Branko “Dr. Rad” Radulovacki, former State Senator Steen Miles, and Todd Robinson.

  4. Three Jack says:

    Really a thoughtless letter that helps establish an otherwise secondary candidate as competitive. The GOP succeeds in getting her name out in the public even better than she could herself. What the hell did that accomplish other than giving an opponent instant credibilty?

    • Baker says:

      Anyone that will see that letter, already follows this closely to know she’s in the race…and that is not that many.

      My $.02? She’ll raise plenty of money to win the primary, then has no chance in the general. She won’t get smoked necessarily, but unless Paul Broun wins the nomination and starts talking about uteri and evolution constantly, the Republican can’t lose. For all the “changing demographic” talk, we’re not there yet.

      • sockpuppet says:

        Color me unconvinced that talking about evolution and abortion would lose this race in Georgia. Remember, Akin and Mourdock lost swing states where often even the Republicans are often moderates and liberals (John Danforth, Richard Lugar). Georgia is a deep red state where even Democrats are conservative. And in Georgia the conservatism leans towards social issues and not Ayn Rand libertarianism.

        So let Michelle Nunn – and the liberal media – be the ones to make an issue out of evolution. Broun or whoever could have rocks for brains and still manage to spin that as Nunn and her liberal supporters attacking the religious beliefs of Georgia voters, calling them stupid and desperately trying to avoid issues like the economy and ObamaCare. And go ahead, let Michelle Nunn try to make an issue of abortion. It would take Broun (who let’s face it is the guy we are talking about) all of 5 minutes to associate Nunn with Kermit Gosnell and Douglas Karpen.

        Also, the Mourdock/Akin races were in a presidential election year with a hugely disproportionate Democratic turnout (see Silver, Nate for more info) that won’t be replicated in a midterm election full of anti-Obama voters. Also, what are Nunn’s qualifications and accomplishments other than her last name? What is the evidence that she is a legitimate moderate like her father? Expect the GOP to hammer her on both. She may make it close, but the only shot that she has would be if the GOP nominee were to be indicted for a felony two weeks from election day.

        • MattMD says:

          Broun will not even make it out of the primary so your whole post is worthless. That guy is a bomb-thrower who will never win statewide office.

          • “Broun will not even make it out of the primary so your whole post is worthless. That guy is a bomb-thrower who will never win statewide office.”

            Never is a really long time. I heard similar comments made about Deal when he ran for Governor.

            Broun is a smarter guy than some people give him credit for. I’m certainly not saying I agree with his theories on evolution and anything else straight from the pits of hell. But in regards to political maneuvering, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities that he could win. I’d say it’s a fairly close race between the 4 – Broun, Gingrey, Handel, Kingston – with Broun and Handel with the best chances of making a runoff. I see more and more large Broun signs popping up all over Cobb and other parts of the state. I have yet to see a single sign from the other three, though Handel already has a bit of statewide name recognition, so perhaps she doesn’t need those types of signs like the others do.

            Assuming that roughly 700k turn out in the R primary, one of them is going to need somewhere around 350k votes to pull off the 50%+1, or roughly 200k to 300k to make the runoff. I’m sure each of them see a path to victory, but I guess only time will reveal what their strategies are for getting their name out there and earning votes.

            • Just Peachy says:

              I can’t stress how much I agree with this. Purely anecdotal evidence, but so many Cobbers don’t know who Kingston is, but they already know Broun. I’ve been taken aback because their knowledge of him doesn’t come from Evolution comments or political gaffes, but instead from the road signs, and word of mouth that he’s a conservative through and through. It’s worrisome…

  5. saltycracker says:

    Hoping to see a Democrat to make the Republicans raise the bar off the floor but……She couldn’t get out of the box before running into the sidewalls stunning herself of her name linked to Reid and mindless sweeping “we gotta fix that” remarks.

    The GOP is trying to get her on her feet and recover by putting out an insulting letter. That alone should sway the underdog and “anything but” voters to her. We might want to issue a press release that she is going to hell for her position on abortion.

  6. sonofliberty says:

    Is this all Republican party staffers have to do? Is someone supervising the 3rd graders?

  7. sockpuppet says:

    That letter was exceedingly juvenile, unprofessional, sophomoric, undignified and in every way counterproductive. It is like they are running a small time operation and proud of it.

            • sockpuppet says:

              Sorry, but the state parties in areas where the GOP actually has clout nationally (in terms of influencing policy and producing party leaders) don’t send bush-league, snarky little missives like this. But if the Georgia GOP wants to stay small time to the point where the most visible and influential politician in this state is the Democratic mayor of Atlanta, then that is their business.

    • MattMD says:

      Holy hell, I agree with the sockpuppet!

      It does look a small-time, bootleg operation. That is why I have had to go independent. I cannot be associated with those buffoons.

  8. ricstewart says:

    “We wish you safe travels as you venture outside of Atlanta on your tour of the state. Don’t forget your map!”

    Yeah, because GAGOP have served the interests of rural Georgia so well in recent years.

    • sockpuppet says:

      Sadly, Michelle Nunn is the worst possible candidate to exploit the economic issues in rural Georgia. A little talked-about fact about the DPoG: they want nothing to do with the rural part of the state. Back when Georgia was a Democratic one party state, the conservative Democrats in rural Georgia always blocked the agenda of the liberal urban Democrats, and in many ways were worse for the urban Dems than the current batch of Republicans are. I don’t blame the folks who currently run the DPoG for not wanting that bunch to get back in power, but somehow they have to find a way to get over it. The demographic changes won’t be enough. The DPoG will need rural Georgia too.

      • ricstewart says:

        I agree completely. I didn’t mean to suggest that Nunn would be any better for rural Georgia, just to point out that the GAGOP has no room to throw rocks.
        The Democrats’ approach to courting rural Georgia voters is as awkward and empty as the Republicans’ approach to minority voters.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Just my opinion, but I think the GOP is making some big mistakes in it’s immediate attacks on Michelle Nunn. For starters, Sam Nunn was not a liberal Democrat. Second, Michelle Nunn has turned George H.W. Bush’s Points of Light initiative into a real powerhouse in leading and promoting volunteerism. That foundation is lead by Michelle Nunn and chaired by Neil Bush. And finally, the tone of attack on Nunn are not going to work, just as the attacks by the Washington DC consultant class don’t work against John Barrow.

    People are fed up with the empty rhetoric of the nothingness that comes out of political campaigns. At some point you have to get out of “attack and campaign mode” and actually begin to put forth some kind of agenda and ideas for our country’s future.

    I for one would like a spirited debate about actual policy and realistic and practical ideas to tackle some of the major issues facing our country.

    • caroline says:

      I read an article in, I think it was the National Review, that backs up what you are saying and said that in 1998 the GOP thought just screaming about how much they hated Bill Clinton was going to get them landslides but in the end ended up costing them seats.

  10. analogkid says:

    It’s been said above, but if I still self-identified as Republican (I don’t), I would be embarrassed by this press release. Not only is there a typo, but it only helps bolster her argument that politics shouldn’t be an us vs. them thing.

  11. Jawgadude says:

    Republicans should all donate money to Steen “Newslady” Miles and give Nunn a run for her money in the primary

  12. caroline says:

    I agree with the others that the letter sounds like something a middle school boy would have written especially the last paragraph because it ignores the fact that gas prices started skyrocketing during George W. Bush’s presidency.

    Her chances I would think depend on just how ticked off suburban women here in GA are with the GOP in general.

  13. Bill Dawers says:

    Shouldn’t that be “assured” instead of “assure”?

    I have no idea what chance Nunn has, but Barrow beat Anderson last year in a district that leans several points to the right of the state as a whole. This one letter doesn’t really mean anything, but if the Republican party routinely adopts a juvenile tone like this while at the same time their own candidates are stumbling all over themselves to be the farthest one on the right, this race could get really interesting.

  14. TPNoGa says:

    I am not that involved in politics anymore as I have decided to have a life, but I do try to keep informed. I must say I agree with griftdrift, lighten up. It was funny to me. I don’t think it was meant to be a serious political attack, but I light jab. If everyone becomes this histrionic over a lightly humorous memo, we are in for a long and depressing election season. My gosh, it is still only the summer of 2013, can’t we wait until after Christmas before we get all serious about an election still a year away?

  15. elfiii says:

    @ Bull Moose “People are fed up with the empty rhetoric of the nothingness that comes out of political campaigns.”

    Not me. Politics is a full contact sport. My only problem with that is nobody actually draws blood anymore. We have become too civilized for own good.

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