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If you were a subscriber to the Peach Pundit Daily, you’d already know these things.

There Shall Be Candidates And Rumors Of Candidates. According to Politics1, Georgia Democrats have another candidate for U.S. Senate not named Michelle Nunn. Todd Robinson of Columbus has a website up. As a politician, I want to strengthen the family values that provided me with such a rich childhood experience. Family-oriented policies and a strong school system are the keys to success in this area. I have pursued this agenda through years and look forward to doing more as your elected official.

Maybe We Should Call Georgia The Blueberry State. The value of Georgia’s blueberry crop surpassed the value of it’s peach crop in 2005. In 2012 the value of the blueberry crop was $94 million, over three times the peach crop value. But don’t rush to call us the blueberry State: “It’s surprising around the country how many people don’t realize Georgia grows blueberries,” said Joe Cornelius, chairman of the Georgia Blueberry Commission and a farmer who grows about 170 acres of the crop. He refuses to gloat about surpassing his fellow peach farmers. “I don’t foresee Georgia changing to the blueberry state.”

One Small Map, Two Different Views: Politico points out that the battlefield map for the 2014 elections to control of the House and the Senate is, but includes this bit: “Democrat incumbents are going to be stunned this winter after realizing that they are going to face tough challenges in states that they have no idea are coming,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee communications director Brad Dayspring” followed by this: “Democrats point to Kentucky and Georgia as two GOP-leaning states that they plan to make more competitive than they look today. They think they have Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on the ropes…” Well, which is it?

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