Galloway: Michelle Nunn Now A Candidate For U.S. Senate

Jim Galloway brings the news:

Shortly after 1 p.m. Monday, Michelle Nunn declared herself a Democratic candidate in the 2014 race for U.S. Senate, the very seat once held by her father.

The formal announce will come Tuesday, when she files the official paperwork. “I’m excited about it,” Nunn said in an exclusive interview. “I’ve learned that you can’t wait for somebody else to do it. Everybody has an individual role and a responsibility to contribute where they can. This seems like a way for me to contribute.”

Nunn, 46, said she intends to make the nation’s finances and deficit reduction a key focus of her campaign, picking up where U.S. Saxby Chambliss leaves off. Chambliss, a Republican who retires next year after serving two terms, has played a central role in the so far unsuccessful “Gang of Eight” effort to craft a deal to reduce the $17 trillion federal deficit.

So it’s official tomorrow, but it’s news today.  And it will be a topic of discussion for months.  We’ll all have a bit more to say of that as we move through this campaign season.


      • Harry says:

        What’s with these old ancien régime establishment families? Throughout history until the Kennedys, the two political parties especially the Dems had an anti-establishment cast. This lady seems an improvement over Caroline Kennedy personality-wise, but how is it possible that with no political experience whatever a young white woman can just get annointed? If, as the Democrats constantly remind us the demographics are changing, then why don’t the power brokers at least find a minority to promote for Senate? Even if they didn’t win in 2014 wouldn’t it be the smart thing to do? No, I tell you, the old white Democrats will try to have the perks and control over the party as long as they can possible hang on. And these old Democratic families still have the power, the money, and pull the political strings, and if I were a black Democrat I’d feel like I was still on a plantation.

        Yeah yeah, I know they think they can pull the famous “middle” – but let’s see about that. There are not so many engaged “middle” voters in Georgia. Meanwhile, pushing a socially liberal white lady will certainly disengage some of more socially conservative minorities who will not be motivated to vote in an off year. On the other hand, her mealy-mouthing on family issues, Obamacare and Obama economic policies that are killing the middle class will certainly bring out the conservative vote…against her! Sam Nunn could not be elected in Georgia in 2014, and neither will his daughter.

        • sockpuppet says:


          Part of me hopes that you will never ever change. But the other part of me, alas …

          “What’s with these old ancien régime establishment families? Throughout history until the Kennedys, the two political parties especially the Dems had an anti-establishment cast.”

          Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Samuel, John and John Quincy Adams? Please look here for a list of presidential legacies alone:

          “and if I were a black Democrat I’d feel like I was still on a plantation”

          Referring to the black support of the Democratic Party as a “plantation” is highly offensive to blacks. And … pretty much everybody else that isn’t a conservative. It is something that conservatives loves and everybody else hates and everybody knows this but conservatives. At some point conservatives have to realize that a major part of getting blacks to vote for them is to stop insulting them. Here’s a hint: when you say “I am not talking about all blacks, just 80%” … blacks take that as an insult. Including the 20%. And everyone who isn’t conservative knows this.

          “If, as the Democrats constantly remind us the demographics are changing, then why don’t the power brokers at least find a minority to promote for Senate?”

          Because blacks and Hispanics and Asians vote for white Democrats. Meanwhile no one votes for Republicans except whites. Again, something that everyone else knows. And because it is mostly the Republican and Republican leaning whites who tend to vote against black candidates (including black Republicans at times by the way). Something else that everyone knows. And your use of “a minority” … well I would not put you in charge of the GOPAC outreach programs let us say. Also something everyone else knows.

          “On the other hand, her mealy-mouthing on family issues, Obamacare and Obama economic policies that are killing the middle class”

          So … the middle class was was endangered by Obama policies? And not by the gigantic, massive, near Great Depression type recession that we had in 2008 that got Obama elected (and kept Romney from getting elected because he refused to explicitly distance himself from Bush in terms of rhetoric or policy) in the first place? When there are more members of the middle class with jobs now than there was when Obama got elected? And also since the middle class has been shrinking and wages have been stagnant since the end of the Reagan era due to declines in agriculture jobs, factories moving overseas, outsourcing white collar jobs and automation?

          ” Sam Nunn could not be elected in Georgia in 2014″

          Is this a good thing or a bad thing? So, bad Republicans are preferable to effective, able Democrats? I get it … Sonny Perdue was better than Zell Miller for Georgia, right?

          Amazing, just amazing …

          • Harry says:

            You know you didn’t address my issues head on. Mark my words, the Dems will regret they didn’t have an open, competitive primary with free discussion of ideas from their perspective.

              • Harry says:

                Primaries should help voters voters be knowledeable through exchange of ideas and opinions. Whether intentional or not, Democrats in Georgia currently tend not to have open, competitive primaries with free discussion. “The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.” – Socrates

                • georgiahack says:

                  Harry. What do you mean Dems don’t have open competitive primaries. Open means that it is available to anyone to run and I believe that the law would require that primaries be open to anyone that runs (Given certain qualifications). We had multiple candidates in the gubernatorial and Atty. Gen. races last cycle.

                  • Harry says:

                    It just feels like Michelle Nunn is being annointed by Obama together with the state’s old establishment white Democratic families.

                    • Harry says:

                      Karen Handel refers to Ms. Nunn as “President Obama’s liberal, handpicked candidate”.

                    • Ed says:

                      “Karen Handel refers to Ms. Nunn as “President Obama’s liberal, handpicked candidate”.”


        • drjay says:

          meh, lots of kids in my class in dental school had, fathers, uncles, bothers, etc…that were dentists before them–i think it’s not uncommon to have interests based on how you were raised…

          • Harry says:

            But that’s private sector business. This lady, having no political experience, has been annointed Senate nominee of the Democratic Party because of family connections.

            • drjay says:

              i realize she has never held elective office, but saying she has “no political experience” is a bit simplistic…and she does still have to run for the nomination, “anointed” candidates lose all the time…

  1. Spacey G says:

    If you could pick any Georgia journalist to give an exclusive interview to would you pick Jim Galloway? I’d have picked Brad Nitz.

  2. From the NRSC’s Brad Dayspring:

    “Most red state Democrats are afraid to embrace President Obama and the liberal agenda that comes with it, but Michelle Nunn proudly does so – even as recently as a week ago – because those are her values. Those who know Michelle Nunn agree that politically she is a liberal in the mold of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama who supports ObamaCare, higher taxes, and a bigger more invasive government. It takes more than just family ties to get elected to the Senate and we look forward to a robust debate about the Obama/Nunn agenda and the ramifications that it has on middle-class families and women in Georgia.”

  3. Scott65 says:

    First…what in the hell “liberal agenda”. If there has been one, I missed it somewhere along the line. I’ll also remind you that the evil demon “Obamacare” was a HERITAGE FOUNDATION idea…hardly the bastion of liberalism. When I think “liberal”…I think Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean…I dont think Obama. I also will repeat my warning to all of you. If republicans nominate Broun or Gingery, they will lose. I’m sure hope they test me though…I’m feeling pretty confident on that one.

    • Harry says:

      Earth to Scottie…Earth to Scottie…beam you up. The GOP shall run an open, competitive primary that’s not based on your opinion who will win the general election. Please.

  4. Rambler14 says:

    I completely agree with her issue of a shrinking state of citizenship in our country and a call for national service.

  5. Jon Lester says:

    I’m sure Ms. Nunn would make a fine neighbor, but I’m not sold on her fitness for office, let alone her chances of getting elected.

    There is another Democratic candidate. “Dr. Rad” actually comes from the Slavic world, so he can bring a whole lot of foreign policy expertise to the Senate that none of the idiots in the GOP field could even grasp at. Problem is, Georgia Democrats will probably leave him hung out to dry and push a disastrous Nunn campaign on the basis of name-recognition alone. They need to allow at least one debate before the primary, but I’m not confident that they will.

  6. James Fannin says:

    I believe Sam Nunn could be elected today because frankly he would have switched parties long ago. When Sam Nunn was Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, the radical pro-Gay group Act Up held a “kiss in” in his outer office to protest Nunn’s position on Gays in the military. Once Nunn got over his nausea, he killed any chance President Clinton had of changing the policy and Nunn’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy remained in place for nearly 20 years.

    Michelle may be from Houston County but she doesn’t care much for their values and I don’t think her candidacy will resonate. Having admired the Nunn family for years, I am truly sorry that Michelle has entered the race. She has quite literally thrown the national charity she created under the bus with yesterday’s announcement. She should have lashed herself to the mast of Points of Light and ignored the siren call of the Democratic party harpies but instead she has turned her back on her life’s work and on her employees at Points of Light.

    Running a national charity like Points of Light is a calling and should be an endeavor well outside the realm of partisan politics. This past year, as she flirted with the idea of running for the Senate, attended fundraisers with President Obama and went up to the White House to honor George HW Bush, all of her actions can now only be perceived as having used her position and her charity for partisan political advantage. I had hoped she was better than that and I had hoped she really believed the work Points of Light did was important because it is. I know that in Democratic circles there is never any price to pay for unethical behavior such like using a charity to promote yourself and a political party but I really hoped Michelle Nunn was better than that and would chose Points of Light over partisan politics. She apparently isn’t better than that. The sad thing is she has no chance of winning the race because she has linked herself so closely with a President who was never popular in Georgia but is today a terrible liability for any Democratic candidate. All she will have accomplished come November 2014 is to have done irreparable harm to her own reputation and to the reputation of the charity she once worked so hard to build – a charity that was obviously not as important to Michelle Nunn as her own partisan political ambition.

  7. gcp says:

    She made over $ 298,000 in 2011 working at her “nonprofit.” Very curious to know if she has a position on tax reform. Also she wants deficit reduction and she wants a “private public” national service program. Let me guess; she will push for tax credit/deductions to fund this program. So far I don’t hear anything good from her. Just another politician with a name.

  8. ricstewart says:

    Evidently former state senator Steen Miles announced her candidacy earlier in the month.

  9. George Chidi says:

    An interesting, if unremarked-upon bit from the AP story today: “Nunn plans to file her official paperwork Tuesday to become a candidate and will hit the road next month to travel the state and meet with voters, said deputy campaign manager Zac Petkanas.”

    Petkanas is a lieutenant for Harry Reid and the senior communications advisor for the Nevada State Democratic Party. Notably, Petkanas helped run the race of Rep. Shelley Berkeley against Sen. Dean Heller. Heller won … but Berkeley managed to raise about $10 million in the losing effort, even though the race devolved into a mud-slinging festival. Heller won by about a point and a half.

    The Berkeley-Heller race has interesting parallels to a potential matchup between Nunn and some of the potential Republican nominees. Arguably, it’s the expected result if the Republican is not obviously crazy. That said, Berkeley still sounded like a New Yorker and had some significant ethics questions arise, Heller was an incumbent (sort of, since he was serving as an appointee after the John Ensign resignation), and the state has a very different population mix.

    But Georgia is also going through a big demographic change, has a single major urban metropole with a big urban-rural divide, and is trying to emerge from a collapse in the real estate market almost as big as Las Vegas.

    The key thing: Nunn is already pulling staff from Washington. Petkanas is, in all likelihood, part of the pipeline between the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Nunn. I wonder who else she’s got.

      • Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

        Of course the DSCC sent their own people in to mind the store, cough cash.

        Can’t expect the DPG to handle buckets of cash now, hell they might pay the light bill with it. This isn’t 2008, or 2009 with the DC money arriving in Brinks trucks for top tier Democratic candidates and a OFA infrastructure to march to their orders.

        She’s renting a van with her husband and kids and hitting the road, like Austin Scott-kind of.

  10. elfiii says:

    @Scott65 “I’ll also remind you that the evil demon “Obamacare” was a HERITAGE FOUNDATION idea…hardly the bastion of liberalism.”

    So what? It was bad when they thunk it up which proves Democrats were even more stupid for passing it and then saying it was the Heritage Foundation’s idea.

    Mercy sakes! (“rolleyes” smiley inserted here)

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