RIP Robert Maloof

There are very few places as closely identified with Georgia Politics as Manuel’s Tavern.  And most of us who have been around a while know of it’s late namesake, Manuel Maloof.  I was until today, unaware that Manuel had a brother, Robert, who was a partner and according to Manuel’s son (and now owner) Brian, the man who ran things when Manuel was off running DeKalb County.  Brian shared the following  via their Facebook page:

This has been a hard post to start.

Last night I received word that my uncle, Robert Maloof, fell gravely ill while on vacation in Florida. He was taken to the hospital where it was discovered through exploratory surgery that he has a massive infection that has compromised him greatly.

Despite the quality staff, attentive care, surgery and antibiotics his condition in the ICU remains unstable. The most recent word is that his automatic internal defibrillator continues to fire. Robert’s wife, my aunt Carol and their children are asking for prayers. I am now asking you all for additional prayers.

For those who have never met Robert let me tell you a few things about him.

There would be no Manuel’s Tavern if there was no Robert. Manuel, my father, asked Robert to work with him at Manuel’s in 1957. Manuel and Robert were the odd couple of business owners. Their differences prevented extremes; they balanced each other and kept Manuel’s running. They argued about prices, trendy fern stuff, fancy menu items and music in the bar. On any business decision they usually had opposite opinions but somehow worked things out. The one thing they always agreed on was to have a place of comfort and rest for the customers, a smoky sanctuary of relief, a living room of peace. Their brotherly love and bickering made Manuel’s the place it is to this day. During my father’s political career Robert ran Manuel’s full time, keeping the business going while giving Manuel the opportunity to become the public servant he wanted to be.

Robert is the fun that Manuel was not. He is the happy hand shake and smile. He is the one that asks “how you doing” and really cares about the answer. He is the caring, softer side of Manuel’s tavern. Robert is the joy.

In my adult life Robert became closer to me. He is and has been the encouragement and example of living a life of happiness and attention to family.

Without Robert, the direction my life is taking would be a lot different and less joyous. His is a life of joy and love of family. He has not done it perfectly but, with God’s grace, he has done it very well.

Please keep my uncle Robert and his family in your thoughts and prayers today.

Brian Maloof

Owner of Manuel and Robert’s Tavern

I regret to inform all of you that while waiting for permission from my uncles family to post the above letter I was informed of his passing.

There are no details on arrangements at this time. They will be posted soon.

Again please keep Robert and his family in your prayers.

Condolences to the Maloof family from all of us here at Peach Pundit.