Uncle Wiggy Shuts Down State Court In Chattooga County On Monday

Stefan covered this in his morning reads yesterday, but how can one not post about Uncle Wiggy?  Anyway, Uncle Wiggy is from Chattooga County (south of me in northwest Georgia) who offered advice on his website on how to deal with the police….for a modest fee of $24.95 per year.  The only problem is….Uncle Wiggy isn’t real, but the two Chattooga County sheriff’s deputies who operated the website certainly are real.  And it’s causing a big ruckus in Chattooga State Court.  From the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:

For $24.95 a year, a lawbreaker could ask questions on unclewiggy.com, a website that also offered the pamphlet, “Uncle Wiggy’s Secret Guide to Dealing with the Police.”

Launched in March by Summerville, Ga., police detective Josh Brock and county sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Reece, the website shut down recently. The Uncle Wiggy business cost the lawmen their jobs, closed state court for a day and spurred conflict among attorneys and prosecutors over alleged ethics violations.

Oh, but it gets worse.  Solicitor Buddy Hill is in hot water because he advertised on Uncle Wiggy’s website:

County Attorney Chris Corbin, representing the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office, wrote a letter in late June stating that Solicitor Sanford “Buddy” Hill shouldn’t be able to prosecute misdemeanor cases in court anymore because he advertised with “Uncle Wiggy.”

“I feel your prosecution of any matter in State Court is now prohibited,” Corbin’s June 25 letter states.

State Court Judge Sam Finster postponed court Monday after Hill and Corbin argued before the judge. Finster told the attorneys to take the matter to the Georgia State Bar.

By Monday afternoon, the judge said, Hill told him the State Bar said: “If there had ever been a conflict of interest issue, it had been resolved.”

Hill told the Chattanooga Times Free Press on Wednesday, “There’s nothing to this. All this is, is a political ploy.”

Uncle Willy ain’t around no mo’ to help you get away from the po’ po’, but he certainly made an exit with a bang.