Campaign Finance Report Summary – 6/30/13 Reports

Below is a summary I put together of campaign finance reporting data for the Governor’s race, Sen. Chambliss’ US Senate seat and Congressional races in the 1st, 10th, and 11th districts. The data comes from press releases and summaries gleaned from the FEC website. As more data becomes available, I’ll add it in.

To view the spreadsheet in a separate window click here.

Enjoy, let me know if you see any errors, and provide your comments on what these numbers tell us below.


  1. We have gathered the info from all races and added links to all available reports here:

    This would include offices that have no announced opponents to date.

    As far as what it all means, that isn’t my department since we just provide info….so I’ll let everyone else analyze the results.

    One thing we noticed at our house on the 11th…one State Senator gave two three of the four candidates. Hmm….

  2. Ken says:

    It looks like Darwin Carter is having trouble raising funds. Perhaps Gary Black might help him out . . . oh, wait . . . [checking] maybe J. B. Powell will help him out.

  3. John Konop says:

    In the 11th Tricia Pridemore is making tremendous in roads in Cherokee…….I hear nothing put very positive feedback from many diferent voices in our community…….from all the positive feedback…..I met with her myself…….she is very bright…….a real smart business person ie jobs…….understands the issue around needs for vocational training…..very level headed and would work well with the community…..

    I would really suggest that if you live in our district, go to an event and meet her…….

  4. GB101 says:

    What are the rules about using money raised for a House race when the incumbent runs for the Senate? Gingrey and Kingston have lots of money left over. Any restrictions on how they can use the funds for a Senate race?

  5. Harry says:

    John, below are some of Barry Loudermilk’s campaign themes. Sounds like he’s a solid conservative. Tricia Pridemore may be a solid conservative also, and maybe she’s trying to build name recognition for the future as is David Pennington being in the Governor’s race, but comparing political biographies I don’t see her beating Barry.

    Sanctity of Life: “Loudermilk holds firm to the principles of our Founding Fathers that all rights are given by God and it is the sole duty of Government to protect these rights… Life is the ultimate right and it is the responsibility of Government to protect that right.”

    Lower Taxes: “Georgians deserve a tax system that is fair for everyone and doesn’t punish individual achievement and success. As a state representative Loudermilk has actively promoted key legislation to reform Georgia’s antiquated tax code.”

    Less Government: “As a State Representative, Loudermilk has been a strong advocate of reducing the size and scope of our state government.”

    Jobs & the Economy: “Burdensome taxation, the rising cost of health care and the growing intrusion of government in the operation of private business are just some of the challenges Georgia’s businesses are facing.”

    Health Care: “As a state representative, Loudermilk supported several measures to improve Georgia’s healthcare industry, increased competition, provide more consumer choice, and reduce the cost of practicing medicine in Georgia.”

    Protecting Family Values: “Our values can only be defended by legislator who has the courage to stand against the liberal Atlanta mindset. Loudermilk has consistently defended the sanctity of marriage as being between one man and one woman.”

    Fuel and Energy Costs: “We must reduce overbearing government regulations and moratoriums on drilling for domestic sources of oil and natural gas.”

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