Stay of Execution Until Thursday For Warren Hill

A Fulton County Judge has given a stay of execution until Thursday so the court can consider the secrecy behind how Georgia procures its lethal injection cocktail.  The folks over at the Southern Center for Human Rights have made the supply chain of these drugs a very effective tool for battling the death penalty in Georgia as of late.

Meanwhile, you can read a bit more on why Georgia shouldn’t execute Warren Hill here, here, and here.

And some addition details from 11Alive:


  1. Spacey G says:

    Jeez. Looking at Marc McAfee on-air is like having to watch an even geekier but younger Doug Richards. There should have been a disclaimer.

  2. Ken says:

    While I favor the death penalty in certain cases of clear-cut guilt, this is an instance in which there is a real question of the mental ability of the defendant. For that reason alone, the stay of execution is a good idea.

    It is time for the state of Georgia to re-evaluate the standards used to determine mental fitness for prosecution and execution. Charlie is right (I hate it when that happens) in that this case may leave such a stench that prosecutors would fail to seek the death penalty in cases that are truly deserving. The effect on our state’s reputation would also be problematic for the usual list of reasons.

    I still favor the death penalty when warranted, but this case raises a concern that I believe may be valid. Of course this is a man who beat another to death with a nail-studded board so that question of what chemicals are in the lethal injection is, in my opinion, irrelevant.

    • Three Jack says:

      Will the retarded criminal ever become less retarded or less prone to lethal violence? Doubtful.

      He brutally murdered 2 people, retarded or not. The first murder took place almost 30 years ago and justice has still not been served. What we should be doing is introducing legislation to reduce the time it takes to carry out a rightful death sentence, not worrying about some BS contrived definition of retardation to justify letting this scumbag’s lawyer manipulate our justice system.

        • Three Jack says:

          If you’re capable enough to realize that multiple blunt force strikes to another human being with a ‘nail embedded board’ could result in death, then you are mentally capable of facing the same outcome yourself.

        • Noway says:

          George, this guy deserves to die. He’s not retarded enough that he he didn’t know exactly what he was doing when he nail studded that guy like Kurt Russell on Ox Baker in Escape from New York. Is that enlightened enough?

          And one thing to muse about while the defenders of this animal continue to rally:
          How many innocent lives were slaughtered/taken in abortion clinics all the while efforts are being frantically mad to save THIS one?

    • Charlie says:

      Fulton County Judge has scheduled a hearing tomorrow on whether Georgia’s supply chain for the lethal injection drugs are legal, and whether Georgia can keep some things like the name of the doctor administering the drug a secret. Depending on that hearing the Judge may determine a longer stay is in order or lift the stay for execution.

      Georgia has re-set the execution date for 7PM Friday evening which presumes the Fulton County Judge won’t extend the stay. At that point, the ball goes back to the US Supreme Court for the option of a stay of execution. (Assuming GA Supremes don’t jump in here somewhere)

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