Morning Reads 15 July 2013


Fiscal conservatives” that can’ t pay their bills.
Nice try, but I doubt this will work.
Edward DuBose’ thoughts on Warren Hill’s scheduled execution.
Does anyone know if they tried this with Kennesaw too?
Whistle-blowing, corruption, and waste in Columbus.


In case you haven’t seen, George Zimmerman was found not guilty, but his legal issues may not be over. Twitter reaction, President’s reaction
It’s a growing list to replace Janet Napolitano.
Texas and abortion, might this cause it to become less red and more blue?
The NSA still has little respect for privacy.
PM Netanyahu is still being hawkish towards Iran, even with more pressing instability closer to home.

Everything Else

If you’d like a Batmobile, you can actually find one in Georgia.
Move over Tiger, Jordan Spieth just became the youngest winner of a PGA tour event in 82 years.
Well this is odd.




    • Three Jack says:

      If they can’t come up with an approved killer dose of something, then just do the same to Hill as he did to his 2nd victim, beat him to death with a ‘nail embedded board’. Of course they will need to make sure the nails aren’t rusty.

  1. penguin says:

    The ACLU filed a challenge to the kennesaw gun law’s comstituonality in the 80’s, but it was dismissed for lack of standing (because the law was never enforced). Doubt any court would rule on the new law unless there was a plaintiff actually harmed.

  2. SallyForth says:

    Hrrumph! Did somebody say “racism”? I guess blacks are now racist against not only whites, but also Hispanics. If Zimmerman were black, this media circus would not be happening. According to that wise oracle of LA years ago, “Can’t we all just get along?”

    I haven’t been on P/P lately and don’t know about any preceding discussion, but here’s my two cents: The print and TV media need to stop portraying Trayvon with pictures taken six years before his death – the 11-year old boy they keep showing bears no resemblance to the strapping young man who died in that tragic, senseless incident. The media’s continuing misleading coverage is deliberately inflaming inaccurate public perception that Zimmerman just took crazy and shot some little boy.

    On that horrible night, Trayvon was between 17 and 18 years old, a trim and muscular six foot tall young man, with a young adult face and a mouthful of gold gangsta bling teeth – by no means the “child” we see in all the media pictures. And he wasn’t walking home – his home was in Miami, and Sanford is on the outskirts of Orlando. He was a stranger to the neighborhood, going to the condo of his father’s girlfriend. If only he had just told the neighborhood watch guy that and gone inside, instead of fighting and beating the smaller “Pillsbury dough boy’s” head on the sidewalk (as the court facts proved) none of this would have happened. It is all sad.

    The reality that this young man died is bad enough, without media deception. Instead of manipulating the public with pictures taken six years or more before his death, the media should publish corrections and give Trayvon the deference of showing him as he wanted to be seen in life at the time of his death.

    • Scott65 says:

      your facts are wrong. He had just turned 17. The main problem I have is that when told by the police to stand down and not interfere he did it anyway, and someone is dead because of it. I also know nothing of “gold teeth”…please provide a link to that. He was unarmed and last time I checked…we are allowed to walk along public streets with out being accosted and shot dead. Just think if you were the parent of a black male child…wtf are they supposed to do. Walk slowly, get shot, run when you sense some crazy is following you…get shot cause you are obviously running from a crime.
      SallyForth, I am horribly disappointed in that last post…I really thought better of you. Zimmerman had a history of domestic violence…you dont care to mention that. He had no authority to be following this young person (or whatever you wish to call someone who had JUST turned 17). You see a black man in a suit and he is a well dressed “black man”…not well dressed. You see a black man in a hoodie and you see a thug…whether consciously or unconsciously. This is a place where our society needs to have a conversation. Hopefully his death wont be in vein, and we will have that conversation.

      • Harry says:

        vein = vain.

        Trayvon was said to be 6’2″, and George is said to be 5’8″. That’s 6″ height difference. George may have had reason to believe Trayvon was trying to kill him by beating his head into the sidewalk.

      • SallyForth says:

        Scott, here’s a link to all sorts of pictures re Martin (including his gold teeth to which I referred) and Zimmerman, including some texts and pics from Trayvon’s cellphone;_ylt=A0oG7hQ5TuRRP10ANsBXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-900-s&p=trayvon+martin+photos+current&rs=1&fr2=rs-top
        There are all sorts of pics, so you may go cross-eyed looking through them and sorting out the ones you want to actually look at.

        My facts are facts – I was sick the last couple of weeks and being bored at home, actually watched gavel-to-gavel courtroom proceedings with all the evidence. About the age: when a baby turns 1 year old, he/she has been alive for one year. When a person turns 17, they have been alive for 17 years and are now into their 18th year of living. Hence, after birthday are between 17 and 18 years old.
        About the “stand down” thing — it was not the police to whom Zimmerman was talking, it was a 911 operator who told him “We don’t need you to follow him.”, to which Zimmerman said “okay” and turned around, was walking back to his car before the altercation.
        About the “public streets” thing – it was not on public streets. They were inside a gated community and on private property owned by members of the neighborhood association.
        About Zimmerman’s previous — he did not have a history of domestic violence. He and his former fiance filed for restraining orders against each other and both were granted. That’s a stupid break-up, but not domestic violence. But nothing about this or Martin’s previous problems was allowed in the court case – the judge said none of that was pertinent to the event.

        I don’t know what you took my previous post to mean, but it was just an effort to bring some reality to the table and tamp down some of the hysteria. I agree that our society needs to have an honest conversation about racial matters – we need to openly acknowledge and discuss not only white racism, but also black racism, as well as that of all ethnic groups. Like I opened my post, for our nation’s sake we need to find a way to all get along.

        On a tangential note, I watched an HBO special on our public defenders and their difficult job in representing not only poor blacks, but poor whites and all colors. Watch it if you can – it makes clear that the big problem is the caste system and financial more than racial. Poor young men of any color don’t stand a chance in today’s court system. That special was an eye opener and presents another area on which our society needs an open conversation.

  3. DeKalb Wonkette says:

    What bothers me: Given uncertain facts, so many among us choose to believe the worst of Mr. Zimmerman. Mr. Z wasn’t perfect and should have stayed in his car, although he wasn’t required to do so. My takeaway: While I may have individual friends who are African American, when push comes to shove, AAs as a group will throw me under the bus. So much for “understanding” !

  4. analogkid says:

    Apologies if this has been addressed somewhere before… but what happened to the “new” tags on comments? It’s kind of a pita to figure out which ones I’ve read before and which ones are actually new. #firstworldproblems

    • Lea Thrace says:

      I believe this “new”commenting format was a neccesary change that arose from the site issues a few weeks back.

      You are not alone. I hate it too. My PP life is so much more difficult now. #firstworldproblems

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    When stand your ground is the law, and you start something and are getting a serious ass kicking, shoot to kill.

    Who thinks a 29 year old black guy with a grill in a hoodie that had shot to death a white 17 year old kid walking at night in a Sanford neighborhood would have been released by police five hours later without being charged?

    The standard for a Florida stand your ground not guilty verdict is prosecution failure to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a reasonable shooter did not simply BELIEVE his/her life was in danger. The fear need have a real connection to reality—it need only be in the mind of the shooter. Media hype or not, racial fear is a reality for many.

    Dead men tell no tales. No one to testify you were the aggressor (even as in this case its fact you initiated the event against direction from authority), and no rebuttal testimony to an attorney’s silver tongued explanation of what you could have been thinking (and in this case avoid the type of interrogation applied to a serious suspect).

    Glad I wasn’t on the jury. I’d have a hard time acquitting Zimmerman when he didn’t take the stand (if that’s the direction to jurors, legal eagles?) as I suspect prosecution was unable to prove Zimmerman wasn’t afraid of serious injury.

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