Georgia Senate Fundraising Numbers

We’re starting to get a picture of what the early stages of fundraising and cash on hand will look like for the announced candidates in Georgia’s GOP Senate race.

Peach Pundit has learned that Karen Handel starts the race with $154,015.08 raised for the few weeks she has been an official candidate.  With little paid in expenses she has $150,058.28 cash on hand as of 6/30/13.   Though starting well into the quarter, Handel’s numbers are expected to compare favorably with that of Congressman Paul Broun, who was the first to enter the race but is not attracting the same kind of fundraising action that his two Congressional peers seem to be enjoying.

Earlier, Congressman Jack Kingston let it be known that his report will show $800,000 raised in Q2 and will show north of $2MM cash on hand.

UPDATE: Gingrey.  Congressman Phil Gingrey has raised $415,063.69, and spent $302.681.55 for the quarter.  His cash on hand has improved to $2,564,096.62.
UPDATE: Kingston.  Congressman Jack Kingston has raised $807,522.59, spent: $216,688.55, and has $2,347,957.04 Cash On Hand.
We’ll update here with exact numbers from Congressman Paul Broun as they are made available to us.


  1. ChrisClark says:

    These numbers definitely aren’t “everything,” but they’re certainly a reflection of how the campaigns are going. As a newcomer to the site, maybe I’m missing something, but how/why is Kingston out-fundraising everybody so early on when Gingrey comes from a more wealthy area and Karen Handel already has state-wide resources?

    • JayJacket says:

      Consider the source as well. It has been reported that over 95% of Gingrey’s money came from Georgia, a fact the campaign touted, which leads me to believe Kingston is getting a lot of out-of-state (read: DC) money. FEC filings will be illuminating.

      • F. Underwood says:

        When will the FEC filings be posted? I assume all the info we’re getting now is mostly from press releases, etc?

      • southernpol says:

        Interesting claim.. I’m sure it means Gingrey will give back all the PAC money he has received… lol

        I guarantee nowhere close to Gingrey’s 2.6 million came from 95% of Georgians. I’d bet closer to 30%.. maybe. That’ll be around the same for Kingston. Would love to see someone break that down when the disclosures are out.

  2. RepublicanToo says:

    There are other candidates not being reported here. One in particular (Grayson) hasn’t raised the “big money” that the others have, but also hasn’t received a single penny from special interest groups.

    The saying is, “follow the money”. I suppose if you want to see which candidates are bought and paid for, and which ones are representing the will of the people, through the finance disclosures, and by “following the money” you may find a startling truth.

    Sadly it seems that in our current system, you have to pay to play, only the rich or the elite, or political royalty get a chance. Not much different than a plutocracy.

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