Early Senate, Gov Race Polls FWIW

Here’s a snapshot of what 338 registered voters thought about the upcoming U.S. Senate and Governor’s race last Wednesday night, courtesy of Walter Jones & the Morris News Service:

For the new Governor’s primary,

Deal commands 50 percent while Dalton Mayor David Pennington, who announced this week he is challenging Deal, garnered just 8 percent. The remaining 42 percent either had no opinion or supported another candidate.

And for the US Senate race, it’s a jump ball,

The four announced Republican hopefuls for the U.S. Senate are essentially tied when considering the margin of error, and one exploratory candidate, political newcomer David Perdue, has 5 percent.

Congressmen Jack Kingston at 17 percent, Phil Gingrey at 15, and Paul Broun with 11 are splitting the vote so far with former Secretary of State Karen Handel, who has 13 percent. The remaining 39 percent are undecided or support another candidate.

Please argue in the space below about the crosstabs or how the activist federal judge moving up the calendar by 2 months changes everything and makes this invalid, or that the poll proves everything you already know to be true.  It’s Friday. Knock yourselves out.



    • Ha ok, so going up to 600 respondents and getting a margin of error of 4 wouldn’t make it useless? I will say that Deal at 50 is pretty weak for an incumbent governor with no real opposition yet.

  1. southernpol says:

    First poll I’ve seen with Kingston on top. Everything I’ve seen has Gingrey & Broun leading. Would like to see crosstabs if someone has them.

    Hope this race stays this close. Will make for another exciting statewide primary.

  2. gcp says:

    Deal is about right at 50% but Pennington has a lot of time and a lot of room to maneuver. Deal’s two big issues were TSPOST and Medicare Bed Tax. He won’t aggressively support expanded gun rights or a fair tax or any other issue. He talks about all the jobs he bought to Ga. but we still have 8% unemployment. His biggest accomplishment was to sell his junk yard. Will the career politician Deal get reelected? Probably so, but Pennington can sure stir things up.

  3. Scott65 says:

    If Broun or Gingrey get the nomination, republicans will lose. That is my prediction. Neither of those two would have anything close to statewide appeal and have more baggage (as well as having said baggage on video for everyone to see). Not just republicans vote in the general…some would be wise to remember that. Kingston, I think, could win. Also, with the VRA going down, immigration being stalled in the house, and the direct assault on the poor, I think we are going to see a HUGE backlash with minorities voting in numbers not seen in quite a while…something to think about.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I dunno. I thought was it would be Governor Barnes if either the Ox or Shady were the nominee, but it wasn’t even close.

      I like Broun or Gingrey for the nomination, not because it’s going to make a difference in Georgia results, but because they’ll help Democratic candidates in other states.

      • Harry says:

        Why do you think that’s so? A lot of us think the GOP problem is that we’ve been unable to motivate enough conservative voters to go vote. So just maybe the publicity of GOP candidates (not just the two you mention) discussing issues from a conservative framework in our state primary could help the GOP cause in other states, no matter how the media spins it.

        • Dave Bearse says:

          Broun can’t say if Obama is a US citizen or Christian, but knows the sciences of embryology, evolution, and the Big Bang are lies straight from the Pit of Hell,

          and Gingrey, the guy that said Todd Akin was “partially right” that legitimate Rape’ Victims Have Ways To Try To Shut That Whole Thing Down.

          A War on Women that constitute about half the electorate, vs turning out a few more old white guys. It’s unfavorable odds.

    • Jon Lester says:

      If they have to debate Dr. Rad, that’s very possible, although we know how few voters actually watch debates on that level, and Georgia Democrats haven’t been very good about supporting (or even fielding) their own candidates in the last few elections.

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