DuBose Porter is in for DPG Chairman’s Race

Members of the DPG State Committee received the email posted below from former House Minority Leader Dubose Porter.

The email was understandably light on specifics but he mentions some priorities. His ” absolute, unquestionable number-one priority” is fundraising and he says he will lead a mutli-faceted campaign to bring new donors and “old friends” back to the DPG. Could this be code for: “I will be the traditional Georgia Democrat in the race?”

Porter also pledges to “field more candidates, train more activists, build our county parties and register more voters so we can fight in every city, county or district where GOP policies have failed the people of Georgia.”

It is with excitement that I announce to you that I am running for Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

I did not come to this decision easily. Instead, after careful consideration, prayer and many, many conversations with Democrats across the state about our party’s future, I feel compelled to step up and offer myself for this all-important role.

Many of you already know me from my years in the Legislature as a state representative, as Speaker Pro Tem when we were in the majority and as Minority Leader for the House Democrats. I have been a strong Democrat through thick and thin. I have never backed down from a fight with the Republicans, and I’m certainly not about to change now.

In my private life, I am an attorney and the owner and CEO of a newspaper publishing company in Middle Georgia. I know the challenges facing families and businesses across our state.  Challenges that the Republicans refuse to address.

Republicans have failed our state on every metric – from jobs to education to healthcare, but they keep winning because we’re not fighting hard enough for our values or our candidates. As Chair of our Party, we will take the fight to the Republicans. And we will win.

We will field more candidates, train more activists, build our county parties and register more voters so we can fight in every city, county or district where GOP policies have failed the people of Georgia. Winning will take the best Executive Director we can find, and it will take everyone working together. The 2014 U.S. Senate race will show Georgians that Democrats have roadmap to victory, and the Democratic Party of Georgia is ready to do its part.

To win, we’re going to need to raise money – a lot of money. More importantly, we need to do it soon.  Georgia has successfully funded Democrats across this country.  Now is the time to bring our dollars home where they belong.

I promise you that I will work harder than anyone to secure the funds we need to fight. Fundraising is our absolute, unquestionable number-one priority, and if elected Chair, I will lead a multi-faceted fundraising operation.  One that brings our old friends back to the table and reaches out to the next generation of Democratic donors.

I will be reaching out to y’all personally in the days and weeks to come. I want to hear from you because having one person at the top making all the decisions doesn’t work. As Chair, we will build a plan together.  We will do the work together.  And we will celebrate our victories together.  You’ve been on the ground fighting Republicans for years, and you know what it takes to win in your community.  We will come together as a party to share our message and grow the candidates for our races.  We will be real Democrats – doing the tough work together.

I am asking for your support, and I look forward to getting your input on how we win the future for Democrats in Georgia, beginning today.

Please feel free to email me any time at [redacted] or call me at [redacted].

The future is bright for Georgia Democrats if we are ready to do the hard work it takes to win. Let’s do this together.

I hope you’re ready to start winning again. I know I am.

God Bless.


  1. penguin says:

    What’s a traditional Georgia democrat? The ones who are still stuck on how it was back when? Or not completely insane republicans? Seriously, I’m too Yankee ish to understand.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    The GaGOP record governing Georgia virtually lock, stock and barrel for the last decade, to put it charitably, is mediocre, but I wouldn’t say its failed the state on every metric.

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