Morning Reads 8 July 2013


We sure could use some economic development, Georgia is now down to #40 in per capita income.

Sam Olens has appointed a special solicitor to investigate any possibly criminal acts committed by a former Fayette County Attorney.

Some people just aren’t happy about busting Georgia Power’s monopoly, or encouraging technological innovation.

Certainly, this is one good way to attempt to deal with our obesity problem.

Warren Hill has a new execution date, and it’s not that far off.



Some details are out about what caused the plane crash in San Francisco.

Well, it worked for Mark Sanford, maybe it will work for Elliot Spitzer.

Can this trial be over yet?

Maybe this will help push the Keystone Pipeline?

Here’s the deal with Egypt.


Everything Else

Nine years old, a business owner, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

This is a tragedy, but how do you get hit by your own boat?

The Caped Crusader gone bad.

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, makes Scots and Brits everywhere happy for ending a 77 year dry spell.