Late-Breaking Speculation and Unconfirmed Rumor…

It’s a slow news cycle, so why not run with somebody’s version of wishful thinking combined with a good dose of projection? At least one semi-reliable source has told Peach Pundit that Dalton Mayor David Pennington has filed paperwork to run for Governor. And then there’s this:

CentStratTwitterPostSo even though that Twitter update was posted at exactly 4:20, we have 2 sources, which by Internet standards makes it a stone-cold fact. “Paperwork” in this instance could only mean a Declaration of Intent, which would allow him to raise money for a campaign. Further speculation is that Pennington will announce tomorrow. Discuss.

UPDATE:  Mayor Pennington’s Twitter handle is @DavidforGeorgia -a far clearer and more definitive statement of his intentions than mere campaign forms.


  1. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    How appropriate that Pennington filed his paperwork to run for Governor at 4:20…because that’s what he must be smoking if he thinks that he’s got any shot at beating Deal, if this is indeed true.

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