Morning Reads for Friday, July 5, 2013

– But won’t it stick to your tongue, like an icy flagpole?
– Somebody in East Point is running around with lots and lots of taxpayer’s money.
SEC Female of Athlete of the Year. Go Dawgs.
– Manufacturing still slow in GA.
– What? The muscles on those fellas in the Cobb County firemen calendars are “enahnced?” -tear-
– Nation-wide rallies were planned yesterday to protest NSA intrusion in private lives. Anyone attend the Atlanta rally? It’s ok to share, the NSA already knows you were there.

Egypt in turmoil, again.
– Russia is unhappy about a Tom Hanks movie playing out in their airport.
Consequences can be messy.
Bad manners.
– Reigning hotdog-eating champ Joey Chestnut retains title by eating a record-setting 69 franks and buns.

John Adams!
– The greatness of America.
– American band geeks will be forever indebted to John Philip Sousa for writing the most fun march to ever play in 1896, 3 years before my grandmother’s birth.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Wouldn’t years of concern in East Point attract the attention of the financial investigation unit of the GBI ?

    • sockpuppet says:

      Even better news will come when Obama finally decides to go ahead and approve the Keystone XL pipeline. That would eventually lower oil prices. Of course, had he approved it 2 years ago it might have lowered oil prices and provided more construction jobs to the economy already … never mind.

      • saltycracker says:

        Will the pressure to ok overcome Warren B ‘s objection as his railroad is the primary carrier now?
        What are friends for ?

        • saltycracker says:

          P.S. and Buffett isn’t making big bets in insurance, like healthcare, because congress is making it more competitive.

            • saltycracker says:

              BH has about a dozen insurance companies and is #2 in P&C, Geico being the biggest.
              His Moody’s was one of the ratings agencies trained by Goldman to rate packages of mortgage bonds AAA so restricted funds could buy junk….and no one went to prison !
              He’s one smart cookie, wouldn’t bet against him.

              • saltycracker says:

                clarification: Geico being a big BH company – the biggest in P&C/auto is State Farm.

      • Scott65 says:

        6000 jobs max for oil we dont even want to use. Tar sands oil is a very low grade and dirty oil. It would also be running on top of one of the major sources for water. Accidents happen (just ask the people of Arkansas what a nasty spill of this crap can do) and somehow everyone will find a way to absolve themselves from blame or cleanup responsibility. So to recap, it wont create that many jobs is a possible pollution nightmare, oh, but it would go to Koch refineries so I guess Virginia Galloway and her cronies must me all in for it…Just ask Debbie Dooley what she thinks about their sudden anti solar position. The cons far outweigh the pros on this, and it wont do squat for oil prices since we will only be refining it and sending off to China

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