Gingrey, Pridemore Top Cobb GOP BBQ Straw Poll

The parade was cancelled but the BBQ went on.  The Cobb GOP managed to feed several hundred folks Williamson Brothers BBQ (possibly a Peach Pundit BBQ stop in the future) and of course, virtually any and all of the campaigns in the area were represented.

A straw poll was conducted for U.S. Senate and 11th District Congress, and the results are as follows:

U.S. Senate:

Gingrey:  146

Broun:  81

Handel:  68

Kingston:  64


11th District Congress:

Pridemore:  108

Barr:  103

Loudermilk:   77

Lindsey:  41

Make of those (and any pics you find of Bob Barr wearing a hat bigger than he is) what you will.


  1. Chris says:

    Instead of straw polls, I’d like some group to do something different next time. Arm wrestling, trivia contests, an Iron Chef competition.

    Just not a bathing suit competition….

  2. SFrazier says:

    The “Colonel’s” potential run was creating the biggest buzz! We cannot fix broken Washington by electing another politician looking for a promotion. That includes candidates that have been working at failed beauracratic appointed positions.

    • bulldawg11 says:

      You know, I really hate that saying “we can not fix washington by electing another politician looking for a promotion.” Simply put, why is legislative experience a bad thing? A lot of elected officials running in the open congressional races have done a lot of good for Georgia over the years and passed meaningful legislation. So since they think they can make a difference at the national level there motivated by greed?

    • Michael Silver says:

      Isn’t the “colonel” another politician looking for a promotion? In my view, he’s another establishment GOPer, no different than Marco Rubio (another state legislator who moved to DC).

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