Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013



Above: today in history

Below: today in news…


  • Futuo! How the Romans Swore (Atlantic)
  • Selling Post-racism Paula Deen is a tough chore (Daily Beast)
  • When Italians Chat, Hands and Fingers Do the Talking (NYT)
  • The Physics Behind Traffic Jams, or why you should be walking (Smart Motorist)
  • In many places, temporary employment has become the new perm   (Atlantic Cities)
  • Friendly Robots are Japan’s economic plan for the long-term (Atlantic)
  • Greeks try farming as a backup plan (Washington Post)
  • Creating Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, or what people want to hear while getting a tan (Businessweek)
  • Testing replacements on the day of Google Reader’s finale (TidBits)
  • Baseball’s Battle for Silicon Valley (WSJ)
  • The case for a secrecy beat, even if it requires a nom de guerre (Columbia Journalism Review)
  • What is Science and Why Should We Care? (Logos)


  • In Georgia, arguably racist high school nicknames cause little dissent (AJC)
  • In race for chair, DPG to show off its big tent (AJC)
  • The antediluvian stylings of Deal appointee Phil Kent (HuffPo)
  • On Independence Day, we’ll celebrate taxpayer dollars misspent (CL-Atl)
  • Attention Savannah: climate change will not relent (CLatl)
  • According to Dawers, Savannah’s job numbers are still stuck in cement (SMN)
  • T-Splost advocates still don’t know why they couldn’t reach 50 percent (SaportaReport)






  1. xdog says:

    I’ve been listening to top 40 pop for a few months so I know ‘Get Lucky’, but I didn’t know the singers performed in wrap-around gold and silver helmets.

      • xdog says:

        Well, depends on your expectations. I’m currently fighting to stay in the same cultural territory as my soon-to-be 15 yo niece. If your thing is heavy bass lines and weirdly mixed voices, danceable pop isn’t too bad, once you discount for those crazy kids. It’s like disco never went away.

    • Scott65 says:

      …and it will be far bigger than any freaknik…I believe the event sold out in 2 hours…thats 180,000 people from all over the world. In fact, I think this is the first event outside of Belgium where the event originated. Chalk another one up to the ATL airport

      • sockpuppet says:


        It won’t be in Atlanta proper (it is going to be in Fairburn) but the issue will be 180,000 people – approximately 1/3 the population of Atlanta and larger than the entire population of several metro Atlanta counties – needing a place to stay and almost certainly wanting to travel about the city using whatever means there is available to them (most of them won’t have cars but at least tens of thousands of them will). Also, Freaknik was domestic visitors. Most of these folks are going to be international tourists. I really do think that this will cause “issues” on a massive scale.

    • sockpuppet says:

      Saba Long (didn’t she once contribute here?) has a bigger breakdown on that HEG social issues poll.

      Looks like Jane, who objected to the small sample size was correct for one thing. Another thing: the percentage of white and black pro-lifers in this state is about the same. Saba comes to this conclusion: “This poll shows that with the exception of the Voting Rights Act, minorities and whites in this state share similar social values, which would seem to be an opportunity for GOP minority outreach.”

      I disagree. I say that it means that the Democrats should move to the right on social issues to become more competitive with white voters instead of waiting for the coming demographic tidal wave to rescue them.

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