Welcome UGA President Morehead

The following is my favorite email from this morning, as it is a reminder that a new era is beginning today in Athens.  Also, college football starts next month.  Welcome new UGA President Jere Morehead:

Greetings from the University of Georgia 

I am deeply honored to serve as President of the University of Georgia, and am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with the thousands of dedicated and committed faculty, staff and administrators who strive to support the mission of this university. It is especially humbling as an alumnus to serve as the leader of this great institution, and I am grateful to the Board of Regents, the Chancellor and the Governor for this opportunity.

Many people have asked me what I hope to accomplish as the 22nd President of UGA. My focus will be very direct and very clear: I will focus on our students and the core academic mission of the University – if our academic core is very strong, the entire university also will be very good. I plan to ask anyone who brings an idea or initiative forward to me, seeking state or private support from the University, to answer one simple question: How will this proposal improve the academic quality of our University or how will it improve the learning and education of our students?

We are all the beneficiaries of the good work by those who have come before us – President Michael F. Adams, his predecessor Charles B. Knapp, and all of those before them who have served in this role. Across this campus and around the state, UGA faculty and staff have worked very hard in support of our mission and to serve our students, and I am humbled by their commitment to this institution. While we face challenging times, we will face them together, more determined than ever to succeed.

Ours is a sacred trust. American public higher education was established here in 1785, and we have been entrusted with that legacy. Let’s get to work.

Jere W. Morehead


  1. John Vestal says:

    And, as long as he can avoid doing anything perceived as being “anti-athletics”, the vast majority of Dwag fans will never know his name…..or care. :>)

  2. sockpuppet says:

    I wonder if Morehead can be a successful conservative president of a major state university. When I say “successful” I mean finding a good conservative agenda to pursue and not Dinesh D’Souza type agitating and bomb throwing.

  3. William Ray says:

    My wife and I are both graduates of UGA, and we hope our children will also follow us to this great University. Knowing that the leadership of UGA is now provided by Jere Morehead makes us all the more excited that our boys might go there. He is a fine man and will make a wonderful president. I’m sure that there were many who could have filed this position, but none more capable or who love Georgia more than Jere Morehead. We will be rooting for you and UGA!

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