Morning Reads: 1 July 2013


Most charges are dismissed, but the indictment for former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown still stands.

Michael Adams is no longer the University of Georgia President. Try to forget about him ousting Vince Dooley.

Who knew that the last BBQ tour stop was so close to Mary Jane?

Jesse Jackson is willing to help Paula Deen make amends.

It looks like the recent decision on the VRA could have an effect on the Fulton County Commission.



Boy am I happy I paid off my student loan last month.

Here’s a summary of the Supreme Court term this year so far.

We may be having a cooler summer in Georgia than usual, but that isn’t the case out West.

The NSA bugged the European Union? Europe is not happy.

1 Year later and Morsi is still having some issues, but these crowds are very reminiscent of the Arab Spring.


Everything else

 NASA wants to know more about the Sun.

Robots playing Soccer? This will make for a good World Cup in a few decades.

Nat Geo has a really cool breakdown of how different countries handle immigration.


  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Two topics: Recipe for a shrinking GOP, and GA paying back unemployment loans to the feds

    Economist Paul Krugman produced facts disputing Erick Erickson statement that prices of bread and milk says prices are soaring. Erickson responded with this:

    “Paul’s point is correct, but it is an issue of perception of people versus the reality of his chart. He can certainly go tell people milk prices haven’t gone up, but good luck getting them to believe him.
    So, according to Erickson, Krugman is right, and he’s wrong, but it doesn’t matter, because nobody is going to believe Krugman anyway. In other words, conservatives really don’t want the truth. It just doesn’t matter to them.”

    So where is Georgia at with respect to paying back the $721M borrowed from the feds for unemployment insurance?

    Not unexpectedly Labor Commissioner Mark Butler singles out Roy Barnes responsibility for a ’ tax holiday in 2002, making no mention that a GOP controlled government sustained it for seven years after Barnes was gone.

    North Carolina, with the nation’s 5th highest unemployment rate and on the hook for $2.5B, has disqualified itself from federal unemployment insurance assistance. GOP austerity at work.

  2. Most charges are dismissed on Dwight Brown? Hardly!! He started with 31 charges, and had four more added for witness intimidation. Those four charges were dismissed last week, but the original 31 still stand on racketeering, theft, making false statements (that’s lawyer talk for lying), and conspiracy to defraud the state.

    35-4=31. Unless the Peach Pundit is using some obscure definition of “most” or a type of “new” math, “most” of the charges against Dwight Brown were NOT dismissed.

  3. saltycracker says:

    Unemployment insurance ? Who would have thought great reductions paying into a plan while increasing the payouts would be a problem ? We call those “tax cuts” like we did with SS withholding.
    In this case business will expect GA to get taxpayers directly involved in the payback.

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