APS Indictments Stand

Looks like we’re headed to trial in the cases over the Atlanta Public School testing scandal.  The AJC’s Bill Rankin reports:

A Fulton County judge on Friday refused to dismiss the Atlanta Public Schools racketeering indictment based on claims the prosecution’s case was infected with coerced statements given by the 35 defendants to special investigators and GBI agents.

Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter said he will allow his decision, a victory for Fulton prosecutors, to be appealed before trial. It is a surprising development given that Baxter, at the conclusion of hearings last week, expressed concerns with the prosecution’s case and indicated he would find that the statements by APS employees had been coerced.

In his ruling, Baxter found that at the time of each defendant’s interviews “there were no expressed threats to the defendant that she or he would lose their jobs unless they provided statements to investigators’ questions.”

We’ll have this story to keep us busy for quite some time to come, it appears.