Congressman Westmoreland At The Peach Pundit BBQ Tour

sprayberrysCongressman Lynn Westmoreland joined Peach Pundit tonight at Sprayberry’s BBQ in Newnan for a podcast. We’re grateful for the Congressman’s time. We talked about interest group ratings, the 2014 elections, the loss of Congressional seniority in Georgia, making tough choices when voting on Legislation, and what the Congressman has learned over the years.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the sound of meat being chopped and various interesting ringtones. And no, it’s not true that Nathan and Jessica are getting married, as far as we know.

In May Congressman Rob Woodall joined us for the first stop on the PP BBQ Tour. Future PP BBQ tour stops include Augusta on July 27th and Danielsville on September 14th.

Listen to the podcast here:


  1. Charlie says:

    Excellent turn out last night. I encourage you to listen to the podcast with Congressman Westmoreland. Thoughtful answers there.

    Stephen Sprayberry was a kind host who told us a bit about the history of the restaurant, including Alan Jackson working there during high school as well as their loyal customer (and the patron saint of Georgia BBQ) Lewis Grizzard.

    I appreciate Senate Majority Leader Chance, Senator Josh McKoon, Representatives John Pezold, David Stover, our own Buzz Brockway, and Fayette Commissioner David Barlow for attending.

    There were lots of other folks with various party and other titles in attendance, but none with a higher title than “mom”. Thanks to my Mom for being willing to be seen in public with me. She brought my niece too, which was a bonus.

    I think our format is working. The “program” is at best semi-formal and short. The emphasis is on one on one conversations rather than a bunch of people staring straight ahead for too long. Our “anti-town hall” approach seems to be promoting more interaction among those in attendance than if we were hosting staged (speeches disguised as) questions from the crowd. We will stick with this approach.

    I thank Congressman Westmoreland and Congressman Woodall for agreeing to go first, and for Congressmen Barrow and Collins for getting us dates and times. We’re discussing dates with a few other members now and hopefully we can get the rest of this year scheduled shortly.

    As mentioned above, Congressman Barrow will be hosting us at Sconyers BBQ in Augusta on July 27th, from noon until 2:00pm.

    We have a tentative host for August and I believe we’ve narrowed it down to one of the first 3 Saturdays, but that’s all I’ll say about that until we finalize.

    In September, we’ll be at Zeb’s BBQ in Danielsville from 4:30 to 6:30 with Congressman Doug Collins.

    Mark your calendars accordingly and we’ll see you next time.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    I stopped listening when Westmoreland said “most all of them [health care premiums] have gone up at least 25%, 30%.”

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