CQ CQ CQ — Amateur Radio Field Day 2013


To all radio amateurs and other interested parties on Peach Pundit.

Today at 1800 UTC (1400 EDT…or 2p EDT for Jessica S. since she doesn’t like me using 24-hour time) begins the big event for most ham radio operators: Field Day.  Field Day is an event where amateurs set up (whether it be in their back yard, a parking lot, or even in a park somewhere) and work to make as many contacts as possible in a 24 hour span.  Of course, there are a lot of amateurs who stay in their shack and make contacts from there.

So, if you’re an amateur radio operator who hasn’t been on the radio in months or years, I’d highly encourage you to find a local club who is participating in Field Day and get connected.  Heck, even if you’re not and have had a slight interest, then this is the day for you to check out and see what amateur radio is all about.

To our public officials, we want you to come by and check us out!  Both GEMA and FEMA are highly encouraging county emergency management directors to include the amateur radio service in their emergency communications plans.  If you’re a county sheriff, fire chief, county commissioner, state legislator, or whatever, visit your local amateur radio field day site.

I hope to see y’all on the air soon.

This is W4GOP.