State Rep Brian Thomas Resigns To Take Job Out Of State

Many Republican Legislators have recently resigned their positions to take jobs with State Government.  Democratic State Representative is going a bit further – To Maine.  Creative Loafing’s Max Blau brings us the news:

State Rep. Brian Thomas, D-Lilburn, today announced that he’ll resign from office effective July 1. He’ll be headed up to Lamoine, a quaint coastal town with a population of approximately 1,500 residents, where he will work as the new National Director of Cultural Resources Services for Natural Resources Group.

The Gwinnett County lawmaker, who has served under the Gold Dome since 2005, said in a statement that it was an “honor to serve my constituents and the residents of Georgia.” House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams of Atlanta called Thomas an “environmental leader, an education advocate and a leader within the Democratic Party.”

Expect news of Thomas’ departure to be used to blunt any arguments that Democrats will soon be a force again in Georgia politics because of demographics.  Republicans now have anecdotal evidence that they are chasing off Democrats one at a time.


  1. George Chidi says:

    His district is most of the area south of I-85 between Beaver Ruin road and Herrington just past the 316 split, south to about the mid-point of Lilburn’s eastern edge. It’s prototypical Gwinnett with a wide income and racial mix, defined by the Pleasant Hill Road corridor running through the center.

    I would call that district a bellwether for the county.

  2. Jane says:

    This might might be won by a Republican in a Special elections. There just enough old white blue hairs to make this competitive in odd elections. However, I live just outside this district, this is a pretty safe Democrat seat in a General election. Lots of Apartments, lots of working class voters.

  3. Tiberius says:

    Registration: 44% AA, 24% white, 8% Asian, 10% Hispanic

    Romney got 24% in the HD.

    The only question here is will it elect an Hispanic Dem or an AA Dem.

  4. Jane says:

    Racially considered Other or Unknown. Sos does a bad job of fully identifying people by race.

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