Morning Reads- Thursday, June 20, 2013

Disclaimer: There is no way I can make these Morning Reads as much about Ed as Ed made yesterday’s Morning Reads about Ed. It’s probably safer for all of us that way.
Monday is the Peach Pundit BBQ in the 3rd District. You should come. I hear there may be a wedding.

Jimmy Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Ed says:

    “There is no way I can make these Morning Reads as much about Ed as Ed made yesterday’s Morning Reads about Ed. It’s probably safer for all of us that way.”

    You can’t. I, on the other hand…

    W/R/T Jay-Z getting into the agency business, yes it is a good thing, but for select clients and he will be very selective. This is not like Master P’s venture into NFL agency.

  2. Scott65 says:

    A little off topic…has PP been having hosting issues for the website? I have been having lots of problems with sporadic connecting, and lots of “failure to access database” when posting comments. They are very hit or miss. You guys might want to consider making a change. You are not getting very good service with whomever is hosting your site

  3. saltycracker says:

    Walker Co. going for broke. Whining over property tax collections always raises red flags to insure that officials actually operate efficiently before seeking additional revenue sources.

    Lots of hints in the attachments. Could be ok or not but: A judge is sorting out distribution with the cities over their LOST. Neighboring counties cutting deals with large corporations like Shaw. Library construction, school expansion. Not wanting to cut back personnel in tough revenue times with slow growth.

    Maintaining cities with populations from under 2,000 to a county seat of under 8,000…..??
    The citizens will have to sort out how they govern or substantially raise taxes.

  4. Walker County is going broke, can’t finish paying for library renovations committed to SPLOST funds, but we’ve spent (and are still spending) millions of dollars on renovating a farm in the middle of nowhere and are in the middle of an expensive site prep project for a business which happens to be owned by the Sole Commissioner’s self-declared campaign manager.

    It’s a matter of priorities. Our sorry Sole Commissioner blows money on her special projects and stuff 99.9% of the county doesn’t want or need, but has nothing left to run the county with. Sole commissioner government for counties over 40,000 residents should be abolished.

    — LU

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Yeah. I’m moving pretty quickly to the “hate it” side of the spectrum. You cant really keep track of what’s new. Makes it hard to follow threads. (For me anyway.)

    • Patrick Mayer says:

      This is a temporary fix to increase stability of the site. Look for a similar/better/more efficient version to come around shortly.

  5. saltycracker says:

    Chickens in Cobb_ 2 hens – $160 permit, special cage, care and feed – looks like some elitist hobby – calling DS !

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