Governor Deal’s Approval Rating At 72%

So, let’s say you were sitting around trying to determine a primary challenge to Governor Nathan Deal.  Let’s. Just. Say…

Anyway, if you were, this poll from Landmark/Rosetta Stone of likely GOP Primary voters may be of interest to you:

Total Approve, 72%;  Total Disapprove 14%.

(Atlanta) – The most recent Landmark/RosettaStone survey of likely Republican Primary voters shows strong support for Governor Nathan Deal’s job performance among Republicans in Georgia. The survey of 450 likely Republican voters showed that only 5% “strongly disapproved” of the Governor’s job performance.

John Garst, President of Rosetta Stone Communications said, “The 2014 primary season is almost here and these numbers should give anyone thinking of challenging the Governor in the Republican Primary second thoughts.” David Pennington – the Mayor of Dalton Georgia, is considering a run against the Governor in the Republican Primary next year.

“The Governor is in a strong position among Republican primary voters,” said Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications. “His numbers are nearly identical both inside and outside of Metro Atlanta. If the primary were to be held today, he would easily be re-nominated.”

The survey of 450 likely Republican voters was conducted on Monday, June 17 and has a margin of error of 4.6%

If you’re going to tilt a windmill, probably best you and any potential supporters know where you are starting before you mount up for the joust with an immovable object.


    • Baker says:

      What’s missing?

      Further confirmation to me that people aren’t paying any attention. And plenty of those that are paying attention are just going along to get along.

      • David C says:

        It’s not 72%, it’s 72% among likely Republican primary voters. Big difference. (It’s also bizarre you’re using a “likely voter” screen for a primary that won’t take place in over a year. All in all, this isn’t really that relevant a poll.)

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